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Weight Loss: The Facts & Myths

weight loss
Learn 6 surprising facts and myths about weight loss.

Have you ever wondered what really happens to your body when you lose weight? Maybe you’ve just enjoyed the lower number on the scale or the way your jeans fit better now, but all those pounds of excess fat have to actually go somewhere, right? Keep reading to find out some interesting facts (and myths) about losing weight!

When you shed extra pounds, where does all the fat go? It doesn’t just get up and walk away. It’s a much simpler process than you may think! First, let’s explore some common myths about weight loss.

Weight Loss – The Myths

FALSE. You lose fat from your face first.

What really happens is up to your unique genetic coding and overall body profile. Many women experience weight loss from their breasts first, followed by a thinning of their back, calves, and eventually their face. Meanwhile, a woman’s crucial childbearing body parts (such as the hips, butt, and thighs) will hang onto the extra pounds as long as possible. It’s the genetic way to ensure human survival.

FALSE. Losing 10 lbs. doesn’t make a difference.

In the grand scheme of weight loss, you’d be surprised how much losing just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can improve your overall health. If you weigh 200 lbs. and lose 10 percent – that’s 10 lbs. gone, which will help reduce your risk of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In addition, research suggests that your memory and energy levels may improve as well. Not too shabby!

FALSE. Fat is burned and turns into gas.

While dieting, many people experience an overabundance of noxious gas leaving their body. This extra silent but deadly flatulence is not, however, related to weight loss, rather it is a symptom of your body digesting more fiber than it’s used to (usually from veggies).

Also, if you’re watching your sugar intake, beware. Some sugar-free gums and candies that use sugar alternatives, such as the popular sorbitol and mannitol, may cause painful bloating and cramps, wreaking havoc on your digestive tract.

The reasoning behind this sneaky gassy culprit lies in the fact that sugar alcohols are not completely absorbed or digested and tend to ferment in the large intestine, causing bloating. However, xylitol, a sugar alcohol, is generally better tolerated.

Weight Loss – The Facts

While you’re celebrating the win-win of a healthier body mass index, keep in mind just what is happening inside your body during the experience of weight loss.

TRUE. Fast weight loss burns muscle mass.

Losing weight quickly may help you shed pounds, but you may lose muscle mass as well. That’s why it’s important to do basic strength-building exercises and eat extra protein while working out. By strengthening muscles, you’ll also be promoting a healthy metabolism, which will help you burn more fat faster!

TRUE. Fat leaves the body as urine and air.

If you’ve tried the Keto diet, your new low-carb lifestyle may have triggered some unwanted side effects – like more frequent trips to the bathroom at night. If you’ve noticed an increase in urination, chances are your body is in ketosis and is burning fat (YES!) and transforming it into urine and air.

As your body metabolizes fat (and any stored energy), it produces waste products in the form of water and carbon dioxide, which you excrete through urine and sweat. The rest of it gets exhaled from your lungs. So, in a way, you’re breathing out some of the fat you’ve burned! (So weight loss is almost as simple as exhaling. Who would have thought?!)

TRUE. Nutrition can aid in weight loss.

While trying to lose weight, you may be sticking to a strict diet, but it’s also crucial to get proper nutrition to help you through your weight loss journey. If you’re doing Keto, for instance, you’ll be cutting out carbs and sugars from processed foods, as well as many fruits. That’s why it’s important to fill nutritional gaps with a plant-based whole food multivitamin (such as from Garden of Life), so you still get the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally.

For hypoallergenic supplements for daily use and athletic purposes, try Pure Encapsulations. And for high-quality, lifestyle-specific supplement blends formulated with your unique genetics in mind, try Metagenics.

How will you achieve your full weight loss potential? Share your story in our comments below!