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Superfoods to Help Energize Your Monday Morning


We all know what it’s like to wake up bleary-eyed and drowsy in the morning, only to stumble to work in a persistent haze. Some of us feel this way well into the mid-morning, no matter how well we slept the night before.

If this sounds like you, there are some important ways that you could improve matters by adding superfoods to your breakfast routine. These superfoods will give you a boost of energy in various ways to get your day off to the right start every single time.


Even more closely associated with breakfast than the morning cup of coffee, the humble bowl of oatmeal is both iconic and sometimes unappreciated. People think of oatmeal as boring and bland, but that’s only because they don’t know how to make it good!

Oats are a must at the breakfast table for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re rich in fiber, which will help with any morning regularity issues that may have you feeling sluggish after you get out of bed. Oats are also packed with minerals and vitamins, making them a nutritionally complete way to start the day.

Oatmeal is also a great excuse to pack in various other superfoods, especially fruit, nuts, and natural sweeteners like maple syrup or raw honey. With a little creativity, oatmeal can become your favorite meal of the day, rather than something you pour from a packet after cooking it in the microwave.

Here’s one oatmeal recipe that is worth trying!


Some of us need a little meat on the plate in the morning, so oatmeal alone will not do the trick. Many find fatty meats like bacon and sausage to bring their energy levels down, not up. So, an alternative needs to be sought out. Look no further than smoked salmon.

Packed with healthy fats like Omega 3’s, not to mention B vitamins, various minerals, and a healthy dose of protein, salmon goes great on toast with a fried egg, smashed avocado, and a small shaving of white onion! Try the recipe here!

Almonds, Goji Berries, Yogurt, and Fruit

Almonds, goji berries, yogurt, and fruit go together like peas and carrots when you blend them up into a morning smoothie. Smoothies can have all kinds of other ingredients, but at its foundation, this morning beverage is a killer way to pack in a bunch of fiber, vitamins, and flavor into a fast, easy, and enjoyable package.

Stock your pantry and freezer with any superfood of your choice, then toss in a handful of fresh spinach from the freezer, and you’ll have a quick meal that will carry you through even the hardest Monday at the office.

Plus, it is a lot cheaper than what you’ll get at a smoothie shop. Here is a smoothie recipe that we love.

Energizing Supplements

If the above recipes aren’t enough, or if you want to try something entirely different, check out the selection of superfood supplements below. These products seek to help and fill nutritional gaps and promote energy and wellness during the day.

Vibrance Energy Greens + Probiotics by Vibrant Health

Vibrance Energy Greens + Probiotics by Vibrant Health is a superfood supplement that seeks to fill nutritional gaps with a blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, and more!

Springreen Tablets No. 30 by Sonne’s

Springreen Tablets No. 30 by Sonne’s is a blend of 92% organically grown cereal grasses, including barley, oat, rye, wheat, and 8% papain, beets, and sea kelp. These grasses are grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides and are harvested while young to support nutrient density.

Pure Superfood by Organifi

Pure Superfood by Organifi contains a powerful superfood blend to support mental clarity and digestion. A healthy gut equals a healthy mind. Make this part of your daily routine to clear the brain fog and feel more focused.

Eat a Better Breakfast!

Eating breakfast is important to start the day. Whether you are taking care of the kids, have work, are planning on going to the gym, or want to start your diet off right, what you eat at breakfast is crucial to your overall wellbeing. Try the above recipes and supplements and see if they make a difference in your day!