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5 Ginger Essential Oil Benefits for Your Health

ginger essential oil benefits
Learn 5 potential ginger essential oil benefits for your health.

Nothing adds freshness and flavor to a dish quite like ginger; in fact, you probably have some in your house right now. The spicy kick of this knobby root can add some zing to your juice or soothe your stomach when brewed into a tea. Although mainly used in Asian cuisine, ginger is fusing its way into American cooking as well. While raw ginger is fantastic and packs a punch of flavor, ginger essential oil benefits may also have a positive impact on your health. Read on to learn more about the ways in which ginger may support your natural goals for holistic living.

What Is Ginger Essential Oil?

Ginger essential oil comes from the oily resin in ginger root known as gingerol. Gingerol has been shown to contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it the active agent in a long list of ginger essential oil benefits. Ginger is also remarkably rich in sesquiterpenes, which have potential antibacterial and antioxidant benefits as well.

Potential Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

Although the potential benefits of ginger essential oil are numerous, here are a few of the most notable.

01. Supports Gastrointestinal Health
One of the most widely known ways in which ginger essential oil benefits your health centers around stomach health. Ginger has been used for centuries to temporarily ease stomach discomfort related to digestion issues. Studies show that the gastroprotective qualities of ginger may support overall gastrointestinal health. When diffused in the air, ginger essential oil may also help temporarily relieve the discomfort associated with heartburn.

02. Supports Respiratory Health
Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, ginger essential oil may be used to provide temporary relief in the midst of respiratory issues due to seasonal health challenges. Ginger essential oil may also be helpful as a natural expectorant when inhaled as a fine mist from an aromatherapy diffuser, supporting the body against seasonal ailments.

03. Supports Cellular Health
Antioxidant-rich foods such as ginger and turmeric root are an essential part of fighting damaging free radicals and supporting cellular health. The enzyme zingibain – present in ginger – may also provide minor relief for muscle and joint pain, as well as support overall skin health.

04. Supports Liver Health
A recent study examined the ways in which ginger essential oil may not only support cellular health but also support liver health as well. Scientists conclude that this may be again due to the antioxidant properties of ginger, which – in this case – helped heal some of the damage caused by alcohol-related fatty liver disease.

05. Supports Reproductive Health
When consumed in small amounts, usually with lots of water, food-grade ginger essential oil may help ease the discomfort some women experience during their menstrual cycle while also helping to balance and stabilize mood as well as libido.

How To Use Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is a versatile support for your natural health goals and may be used in several ways. To relieve skin and muscle discomfort, apply it to your skin using a carrier oil such as jojoba oil. To balance mood and ease heartburn symptoms, diffuse a few drops into the air of your home or office using an aromatherapy diffuser. For gastrointestinal support, add 1-2 drops of food-grade ginger essential oil to your tea, or use ginger essential oil in a warm bath.

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