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Ditch the Soda with 7 Fruit-Infused Water Recipes

While the overall consumption of soda has declined over the past few years. According to a Gallup poll that was conducted last fall, “nearly 63% of people say they actively try to avoid soda in their diet” (Source). In 2002, only 41% said they were doing this, so there definitely is a difference.

What really isn’t on the decline is the use of ingredients like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners. These give drinks a sweeter taste, yes, but they’re also really bad for your overall health. Aspartame may cause neurological issues, and HFCS contributes to obesity.

If you’re tired of harmful, potentially toxic ingredients and are ready to get back on the track toward a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need to ditch the sugary soft drinks—that’s no secret.

We’re helping you out this week with these super delicious (and healthy!) fruit-infused water recipes. If you’re not a fan of plain ol’ water, give one of these a try—you won’t regret it! Water does your body good, and adding your favorite fruits, it becomes a delicious and refreshing treat.

7 Hydrating & Healthy Infused Water Recipes

 1. Blueberry & Orange

Image Credit: The Peach Kitchen
Image Credit: The Peach Kitchen

Blueberries and oranges are just a couple of my favorite fruits, and when combined with water, they offer a great beverage choice for any time of the day.

Blueberries provide a host of power antioxidants to fight harmful free radicals, and mandarin oranges are a huge source of vitamin C to boost your overall immunity.

Sound good? Get the recipe from The Peach Kitchen here.

2. Berry, Lemon & Basil

Image Credit: Natasha's Kitchen
Image Credit: Natasha’s Kitchen

In case you’re curious, the combination of strawberry, basil, and lemon is delicious—and healthy! Lemons, while sour, are rich in vitamin C, help neutralize free radicals, and help keep your body alkalized. The sourness is offset by the sweetness of strawberries, which promote healthier bones and eyes, and may also help boost your short-term memory.

Mix in some basil, which delivers a range of vitamins, including A, C, and K, and you’ve got a tasty mix that keeps your body hydrated and your taste buds dancing.

Get the recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen here.

3. Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber & Mint

Image Credit: Back to Her Roots
Image Credit: Back to Her Roots

There isn’t much that doesn’t go well with mint, and this water recipe is certainly no exception. Strawberries add a certain sweetness while providing benefits for weight loss, eye and bone health, and a memory boost. Cucumbers help with hydration, support weight loss, and help flush toxins from your system, while limes provide support fr healthier-looking skin and help reduce signs of aging.

Mint? Well, mint promotes optimal digestive health and function, helps relieve feelings of nausea, and also supports healthy weight loss. There’s never been a more refreshing way to support a weight loss journey!

Curious? Get the recipe from Back to Her Roots here.

4. Kiwi Cucumber Agua Fresca

Image Credit: Barbara Cooks
Image Credit: Barbara Cooks

This recipe from Barbara Cooks is a little different, but a great-tasting way. “Agua fresca” is Spanish for fresh water, and this simple recipe may look complicated, but it really isn’t.

Add kiwis, cucumbers, water, and natural sweetener (such as Stevia extract)—or sugar, if that’s your thing—into a blender and puree all of it. Mix in more water afterward and you’ve got a refreshing drink for any summer day.

The kiwis offer support for healthier blood pressure levels, enhance your digestive health, and also promote optimal detoxification. Cucumbers are also supportive of detoxification, aid in weight loss, and they provide minerals your body needs for optimal skin health.

If you can’t wait to try this one, get the recipe from Barbara Cooks here.

5. Blueberry & Lavender

Image Credit: Melissa's
Image Credit: Melissa’s

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like the smell of lavender, but did you know this incredibly fragrant flower is also edible, too? Yes, and when it’s mixed in a pitcher of water with some blueberries, it’s the perfect hydrating drink for any time of day!

Eating lavender is great for your overall health. One serving gives you 287 IU of vitamin A for enhanced eye health, it’s a great source of calcium for stronger bones, and lavender is also a great option if you’re looking to add to your daily iron intake. Blueberries deliver powerful antioxidants to protect your cells and battle free radicals, but they also help keep your bones strong and healthy, and support healthy blood pressure levels.

For a calming burst of flavor and hydration, get the recipe from Melissa’s here.

6. Citrus, Cucumber & Mint

Image Credit: No Gojis, No Glory
Image Credit: No Gojis, No Glory

If you’re looking for a healthy and simple way to enhance your body’s natural detoxification, this recipe from No Gojis, No Glory could be perfect for you. Made mint, cucumber, and oranges, it provides an interesting mix of flavor with a cool, refreshing twist.

The cucumbers help your body flush toxins, yes, but also promote healthy weight loss, delivers akin-healthy minerals, and are a great source of a number of vitamins, including K and the B-vitamin family. Mint leaves work to keep your digestive system healthy, may help address depression, and also promote healthy weight loss. Oranges give you a burst of vitamin C for improved immunity and may also help maintain healthier cholesterol levels.

Ready to give it a try? Get the recip from No Gojis, No Glory here.

7. Watermelon & Mint

Image Credit: Eat, Drink, Love
Image Credit: Eat, Drink, Love

If watermelon itself isn’t juicy enough for you, try pitching it in some water with a few mint leaves—it’s the perfect drink for a hot summer day, as well as a cold weekend.

Watermelon supports healthier blood pressure levels, keeps blood sugar levels stable, and promote healthier eyes. Mint leaves may help you avoid headaches and fatigue, promotes healthier, clearer skin, and may help you maintain healthy memory functions.

For better health, get the recipe from Eat, Drink, Love here.

With all of these great water-based drink alternatives, there’s no reason to reach for unhealthy soft drinks anymore. Have you tried any of these? Do you have your own favorite fruit-infused water recipes? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below.