Mayumi Squalane Skin Oil

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Squalane Skin Oil Skin Care by Mayumi is a great wrinkle reducing oil with ingredients that are perfect for dry, rough and irritated skin. Try it today!Read More >
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10 Reviews

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My Review

I was very satisfied with the product and the delivery time was excellent.

Squaline oil/delivery

I love this product and how quickly the shipment arrives!! Thank you for a great product and service!

Mayumi squalene

Great moisturizer . Good buy and fast delivery :thumbsup:

I would highly recommend Mayumi Squalene to anyone with skin.

Let me begin by stating that I only rarely write reviews, and usually only to warn people of an exceptionally bad experience I may have had with a product or seller, and very rarely because I find something to be exceptional enough to be bothered...<br><br>I have been using this exact product for over 15 years, so I have a good bit of experience and opinions to share regarding this oil.<br><br>Let me first be clear about the one negative opinion I have about this product. I do not love the fact that this particular oil can only be extracted from the livers of innocent deep sea sharks.<br><br>Because of this fact I have tried various brands of the Olive based Squalane oils over the years, all to bad result. I am not sure if this was due to bad processing techniques, low quality sources or poor bottling but the plant based oils were all too thick, left a slight to moderate residue, were sometimes mildly irritating to me and always tended to emit varying degrees of odor, which I cannot tolerate on my face. I do hope that I may come across an exception to these experiences in the future but I've grown very tired of buying alternative oils that inevitably end up unused.<br><br>I first started using this product about 15 years ago when it was suggested to me as a potentially good moisturizer for my ultra sensitive skin by an employee at my local natural health foods store. As I have aged, the skin on my face has naturally progressed from a mix of "normal" to "oily" to being "moderately to very dry". Regardless of the condition of my skin, this oil has NEVER once caused me to break out or irritate my skin in any way.<br><br>The product has also never varied in quality or consistency over these 15 years and that is why, despite the fact that the actual source of this oil makes me quite sad, it is a necessary evil for me and I have never stopped using this oil since the very first time I applied it, apart from the various short disappointing episodes of trying the olive derived variants. In fact the only difference I've encountered is that at one point in the last few years they actually made a small change to the look and verbiage on the packaging and they have changed the dispenser on the bottle (an improvement in my opinion) from having a euro style dropper to currently having a pump. It's a lot less messy with the pump and it dispenses a very tiny amount at a time, which is good because a little goes a long way.<br><br>In my experience over time, I do not know if or to what degree (if any) it reduces wrinkles or reverses signs of aging. In my case I've been using it since I was young and had yet to develop any wrinkles to diminish. Over the years I have only gained a very small amount of the slightest whispers of ultra fine wrinkles and pretty much always get mistaken for being much younger than my actual age. I simply cannot say if this oil reduced the aging on my face or if it's purely due to genetics and nothing more.<br><br>As far as it's uses, this oil is amazing when applied to reverse the drying caused after washing your face, it is so fine and thin that it feels like it's merely restoring the body's natural sebum and most of it completely absorbs in a short time, not leaving any hint of odor or the feeling of having any kind of greasy residue or film on your face. I personally cannot stand the feeling of having anything on my face, even the lightest application of lotion or foundation, but on the rare occasions that I wear makeup, it's great for applying under/before the makeup as it helps with any dry patches or flaking skin on the face and doesn't seem to have any kind of reaction with the makeup. <br><br>I have found that it can also be used to moisturize even the most sensitive parts of the body without irritation, has soothed mild pain and chapping from sunburn, rash or exposure, helps to even out and lighten skin tone and reduce redness on the face and decolletage with regular use, and it may possibly, very slightly speed up the lightening of scars.<br><br>So, as you may have guessed by now... I absolutely LOVE this oil and will not go without it.<br><br>In regards to my opinions on purchasing this product from NHC, at the time of this review, it has so far been a pleasant experience every time. The items have been in good shape, were well packaged for shipping and arrived in a perfectly reasonable amount of time. Also, up to this point they have maintained a nice constant price for this product and have had free shipping with no minimum purchase amount required.

Awesome product!

Fantastic for dry, lifeless skin anywhere.

Squalane oil

Great product, fast shipping packages good

I've used Squalane for over

I've used Squalane for over a for me.

I love it!!

Makes my skin glow and feel soft and smooth:heartpulse:

Squalene oil found !

Hard to locate this brand & I've been using it for 20+years - great product ... easy to order & quick to ship !

Love this refined oil!

First tried it in Japan. Love how light it is and the softness of my skin!

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