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Eco-Friendly Brands – Supplements & Personal Care


Does Earth Day have you thinking about your environmental impact and the products you purchase? For some of the most eco-friendly brands in the supplement and natural personal care industries, look no further than Natural Healthy Concepts!

From vitamins and sports nutrition to skin care and cleaning products for your home, here are 7 of our favorite eco-friendly brands.


bluebonnetA Texas-based supplement manufacturer, Bluebonnet offers a little bit of everything when it comes to your health, including a wide selection of vitamins and minerals. Most of their products are free of common allergens and are suitable for vegetarians as well as those following a Kosher diet.

As a company “devoted to farm-to-table and whole food ingredients,” Bluebonnet is also dedicated to keeping things green. Their ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms and fisheries, and many are USDA organic.

They also work to reduce their carbon footprint, fulfilling more than a third of their energy needs through alternative sources like wind and solar power.

Most of their supplements are packaged in recyclable glass bottles, and shipping materials are recyclable and biodegradable.

They support the ecological preservation programs United Plant Savers as well as the American Botanical Council.

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Herb Pharm

herbpharmAs their name suggests, Herb Pharm specializes in herbs, providing a huge range of liquid herbal extracts and combinations.

Over 70 or their herbal ingredients come from the Oregon Tilth-certified organic farms, where the herbs are grown and harvested without synthetic chemical pesticides and herbicides that could harm the environment and human health. They also harvest wild herbs in a sustainable manner that protects medicinal plant populations. In fact, their farm is a recognized Botanical Sanctuary by United Plant Savers because of their conservation and propagation of endangered native medicinal plants.

They’ve received Salmon Safe certification for their long-term strategy for the enhancement and preservation of stream and creek areas on their farm and wild lands, in addition to the use of ecologically safe farming practices.

Bee Friendly Farming certified, they even provide honeybee nesting habitats and designate portions of their cultivation acreage to plantings to benefit pollinators like bees.

And they’re among the most eco-friendly brands when it comes to power, too. They purchase offsets for 100% of their electricity consumption through Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program, getting all of their power from off-site wind generators and geo-thermal heat capture.

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Vega-LogoA leader in plant-based, vegan-friendly sports nutrition, Vega promotes a vegan lifestyle for its benefit to the environment.

Using exclusively plant-based ingredients, their products have a naturally smaller carbon footprint than products made with processed, non-plant-based ingredients. As founder Brendan Brazier explains, plant-based ingredients have “a significantly lower nutrient-to-resource and nutrient-to-emissions ratio.”

Vega is on a Journey to Zero, which is the name they’ve adopted for their process of working toward becoming a company with a net-zero carbon footprint. Beginning with a complete corporate environmental sustainability audit, they used the results to create Vega’s Sustainability Action Plan.

One example of some of the action to come out of this plan is their switch to 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles for their products.

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badgerProducing certified organic body and personal care products, Badger has everything from sunscreen and bug repellent, to aromatic balms, and even a Man Care line of things like Beard Balm and mustache wax.

Sustainability is built into their entire company, from the ingredients they use to the construction materials of their manufacturing facility.

Badger is a USDA Certified Organic company. Most of their products contain 100% Certified Organic ingredients, and are ecologically harvested, wild-crafted, and/or fairly traded. And they make sure to consistently evaluate the sustainability of their ingredients as well as the practices used by their suppliers.

This eco-friendly brand is sustainable through and through. The construction of their facility was completed with a wide range of eco-friendly materials, was designed to be energy efficient, makes use of natural light with plenty of skylights, and was built on the site of an old sand pit, which they’re determined to make healthy and beautiful again.

Also conscious of water conservation, their manufacturing processes use minimal water and don’t create any toxic waste that could enter the local water system.

They’re big on reduce, reuse, recycle, encouraging employees to avoid disposable dishes and also to compost food waste. They ship UPS carbon neutral and use recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging.

And in 2011, they became a Certified B Corporation. Certified B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab and are held to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance.

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wondercide_logo_horizontal_green_1405784379__48891Recently featured on Shark Tank, this eco-friendly brand is dedicated to providing natural pest-control products for pets, people and property.

Wondercide’s products are designed to provide a natural and non-toxic alternative to dangerous and polluting chemical pesticides. They use all-natural ingredients and many of their formulas are biodegradable.

They make a point to use recyclable materials and are a Green America Gold Certified Green Business. Green America is a national non-profit organization that promotes environmental sustainability and social and economic justice in businesses.

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ecoverOne of the most eco-friendly brands for all of your house-cleaning needs, Ecover produces natural cleaning products like dish soap, laundry detergent and more.

Their cleaning products are made using nature-inspired processes like fermentation, while many traditional producers of cleaning products rely on high-heat, high-intensity, energy-demanding practices that can often result in unwanted by-products. Ecover strives to use low heat, renewable plant sources and responsibly obtained minerals whenever possible.

Their products are formulated to be biodegradable and are packaged in Plantplastic bottles. These containers are made from sustainably harvested sugar cane that’s fermented and distilled, then dehydrated and polymerized to product plastic. Ecover’s bottles are a blend of 75% Plantplastic and 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and are a recyclable #2 HDPE.

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Dr. Bronner’s

dr-bronnersWith their famous All-One, multipurpose soaps, plus lotions and other good stuff, Dr. Bronner’s is rooted in a tradition of social and environmental responsibility. With six central guiding principles, #5 is dedicated to the earth: “Treat the earth like home.”

Ever grateful for the gifts of nature and mindful of their impact, Dr. Bronner’s supports small-scale organic farming projects, tree-planting programs, aggressive waste and water-use reduction, and creating products that are biodegradable and free of synthetics.

They also recently became a Certified B Corp. And taking transparency to a whole new level, a report on their environmental footprint is readily available.

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These are just some of the great eco-friendly brands you’ll find at Natural Healthy Concepts. Visit our website to see even more, and subscribe to our blog for insights and updates on all kinds of companies doing good work for the earth and its people.

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