Dr. Sherry Rogers: Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

"You already know from previous TWs that there's an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. And you cannot heal anything, from diabetes or depression to cardiovascular disease or cancer and even recurrent infections of hypertension, without sufficient vitamin D. But, sadly the advisors in the National Academy of Medicine must not read journals or treat people. Their recommendations for 800 IU a day is pathetically antiquated (JAMA, June 20, 2017). No wonder one in six folks are smarter than they and take more than 1,000 IU a day. We have found through measuring actual blood levels in thousands of people for decades that the average person needs 10,000 IU D3 a day, Monday through Friday. Also, check back in previous TW for the evidence to give your physician proving that the "normal" value for vitamin D in commercial labs is outdated by two decades."

No Nutrient is a Solo Act

"I've lectured at enough conferences and read enough rebuttals in the top journals. I can hear the drug men pontificating that they've never seen any double-blind, randomized controlled studies of thousands of people on phosphatidyl choline versus a placebo for 10 years to see if there's a difference in, for example, Alzheimer's prevalence. Of course, there won't be a positive result because no nutrient is a solo act. You have to have the whole package. But on the flipside, if you don't have enough PC anything else you use won't work either. You've had a glimpse at how the politics of medicine work and how slowly the wheels of progress grind over decades. Your choice is to follow the logic and the science in TW or wait until your doctor recommends phosphatidylcholine and balances it with the rest of your nutrients, like Tocotrienols!

Just recall one of the most popular TV advertised and used supplements in the U.S. was proven in the leading medical journals to be useless in preventing disease. Then, we showed you further evidence that the copper that is in this popular nutrient actually promotes Alzheimer's (TW). On the flip side, you must have a good level of the right form of copper (Chelated Copper) to stave off Alzheimer's. For copper is crucial in the mitochondrial enzyme SOD for detoxification and in the mitochondrial ATP for energy production from cytochrome C oxidase, as examples. The bottom line is you are better off with no nutrients if you're not sure of the manufacturer's ethics and knowledge. And these are unfortunately insidiously deteriorating for the vast number of reasons. Plus, the wrong bugs in the gut and too much fat in the diet can actually chew up your PC to create disease. The bottom line? Have a teaspoon of PC Powder at least every other day."

Statin Side Effects

"Statin drugs like Lipitor work by poisoning the gene that controls the enzyme in the liver to make cholesterol, HMG CoA reductase. The tocotrienols, however, control the same enzyme, but without poisoning your gene and without poisoning your selenium, zinc, vitamin E, DHA, and other critical induced rhabdomyelitis or producing sudden amnesia (which could cause a fatal car accident) or hurrying you toward cardiovascular disease, cancers, Alzheimer's, and more (see The Cholesterol Hoax for life-saving details)."

Fix Your Folate Properly with Folixor

"Nearly every prescription medication lowers folic acid (as well as many over-the-counter NSAIDs like Motrin, etc.), contributing to chronic disease progression of all types…Any time (you) can use nutrients that are more easily absorbed with less competition, I'm all for it. So powders, liquids, or sublinguals (absorbed under the tongue) are my preferred forms. Fortunately, sublingual Folixor comes in 1 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg and is the folinic acid form needed to properly supplement you (not the government-mandated cheap synthetic folic acid). Just pop one Folixor a day under the tongue on your way out the door."

Taken from October 2013 Total Wellness:

Avoid Café Coronary Syndrome with These Nutrients

"Just because you are dying for a splurge doesn't mean you have to die from it. For decades, scientists have known that a single high-fat meal causes short-term enhancement of platelet activity. In other words, it makes the blood eager to clot. This in part is what causes the "café coronary syndrome"—where people suddenly die of a heart attack after a great meal in a restaurant. Since most of us are not perfect and we like to indulge periodically, remember that many nutrients can inhibit or turn off this postprandial platelet hyperactivity. As you have learned in previous TW, doses of antioxidants like vitamins C and vitamins E or amino acids like taurine or carnitine contribute to turning off this exaggerated clotting response triggered by a highfat meal that leads to a massive heart attack. So why are doctors not telling folks to take these nutrients after an indulgence? After a night on the town, at least come home and take your Detox Cocktail along with 1-2 E Gems Elite, 2 Tocotrienols, and 1000 mg each of ALC Powder, Arginine Powder, and HB-Mag."