Uniquely Heart Healthy: The A.C. Grace Company Celebrates 50 Years

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and never was that truer than in the remarkable story of A.C. Grace Company and its founder, Roy Erickson.

In 1962, at age 53, hard-working executive Roy suffered three heart attacks. When his doctors told him there was little they could do to help, he set out to learn all he could about heart health and its management. His research led him to vitamin E experts such as Wilfred and Evan Shute and Herbert Bailey, among others. Armed with the most current medical information of that era, Roy developed what would become a breakthrough, all-natural mixed-tocopherols vitamin E supplement that he not only used in his own diet, but he established the A.C. Grace Company so that he could share it with others.

That product line, UNIQUE E®, remains unparalleled in the vitamin E industry.

"Our products are the natural form of vitamin E, not the synthetic form found in many stores today," said Scott Smith, Director Marketing/ Operations. "We believe in purity."

That natural form is obtained through the company's proprietary processes that enable them to extract only pure vitamin E oil from natural sources.

"For 50 years, A. C. Grace Company has been providing doctors and consumers with products that are the standard in the vitamin E industry," said Smith. "Our multi-E scientists and doctors understand the synergy of 'evidence-based science' along with 'application-based science' for a powerful perspective in achieving maximum benefit through supplementation and topical application."

In recent years, A.C. Grace has expanded its product line to include vitamin E supplements in alternate forms of vitamin E (including the eight known components of E). Along with skin creams and moisturizers, the company offers specialty products designed to provide natural benefits for supporting common physical health goals like cardiovascular wellness, healthy cellular membrane function and integrity, and many other aspects of whole health.

Roy Erickson lived 40 vigorous and energetic years after that fateful diagnosis in 1962, all of which were dedicated to sharing his knowledge and belief in the benefits of pure, natural vitamin E with the world.

A.C. Grace Company continues to share that mission and expand Roy's vision "to consistently provide our customers with education, and products that show promising benefits to the body when taken correctly, in the correct dosage and for the right reasons."