Dr. Sherry Rogers: Trick Question on Tocotrienols

Trick Question on Tocotrienols

"The diagnostic and prescription mistakes made outside the hospital, makes medicine the #1 cause of death! And let's not forget the #1 reason for erroneous diagnoses: doctors are not trained to look for cause and cure. Most don't have the background knowledge to do it even if they wanted to. To find out how knowledgeable any physician is or isn't, just ask one simple question. Just ask them how they use tocotrienols, for example in treating high cholesterol, diabetes high blood pressure, arthritis, neurologic diseases, etc. The blank stare or attempt to put you down will tell you how much they know or don't know in a flash. This crucial part of vitamin E is necessary for healing all of these things. Every specialist should be extremely knowledgeable in tocotrienols as just one tiny example, since all healing depends on them."

The Dangers of Blood Clots

"The problem is that hypercoagulability or increased clotting is the main cause of death. It doesn't matter if you call it a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolus, an autoimmune disease, a neurovascular disorder, asthma, colitis, etc. The main mechanism of death is the blood clot. That stops the blood from flowing. The D-dimer, as you learned in the last few TW years, is one of the crystal ball tests to predict this. For example, half the people who have DVT (deep vein thrombosis or clots hidden in their legs) do not have any symptoms of swelling, redness, pain, or claudication. They just suddenly throw clots while they are seated on a long flight or at their computers. As well, folks who have arteriosclerosis and are making calcified plaque, which you can see on your coronary calcium score and/or are making soft vulnerable plaque, are also in an accelerated clotting mode...In the meantime, a simple start could be a trial of Nattokinase, Digestive Aid #34, Wobenzyme, Lumbrokinase, or Boluoke—twice a day, two hours away from any food. The dose will vary from 2-6 caps at a time, depending on your levels and which one you chose. And of course, things that you learned in those books and TW about your arginine and 5 Powders (Arginine Powder, Taurine Powder, Glycine Powder, Acetyl-l-Carnitine Powder, and D- Ribose Powder), CoQ10, selenium, high chlorophyll diet, etc. are also important in increasing the opposing charge of red blood cells so that they repel one another rather than form deadly clumps or clots. For when it comes to death, the clot is king."

Preventing Plaque

"We have found that one coronary calcium score facility, which you can order for yourself, not only gives our readers a discount, but can draw your Cardio/ION test while you're there—saving you a great deal of hassle locally (go to affordableimedicalimaging.com). It has been so successful that many people have flown in from not only other states, but other countries. Once you get your calcium score, you have the tools here to reduce it and get yourself out of danger. Start with Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, then The High Blood Pressure Hoax (yes, even if you have neither condition, because you have to make your blood vessels and the whole body very healthy), The Cholesterol Hoax, How To Cure Diabetes, then Detoxify or Die. You have to learn what your docs don't know, namely God's beautiful chemistry designed in our bodies to heal us… Meanwhile these cardiologists, esteemed enough to get published in JAMA, could have at the very least started their patients on something as simple and easy as Kyolic Liquid, 2 big squirts twice daily. For as we referenced earlier here, Budoff's UCLA cardiology studies showed it dramatically slowed down in the progression of the coronary plaque toward a deadly heart attack."

Tips for Picking the Right Fish Oil

"One of the most common reasons for memory loss is merely a brain that is starving for the right chemistry. Remember how I've shown you in the past, one sign of a knowledge-deficient cardiologist would be someone who merely recommends "fish oil" and turns you loose. By doing so, he's demonstrating marked ignorance by failing at: 1) not having you purchase the best form possible, 2) packaged in glass to avoid brain-damaging plastics, 3) not measuring your EPA and DHA, 4) not assaying your need for carnitine, which is needed to enable you to incorporate the fish oil into your cell membranes, 5) failing to measure and prescribe the 8 forms of vitamin E to protect the membrane oils from damage, and 6) to have you use phosphatidylcholine to hold the membrane oils in the cell membranes."