The Many Uses of the VitaBath

1. For Bathing Adults – For bathing in a standard size bath tub, simply drop one VitaBath tablet into the water while the bath tub is being filled with water. Adding one or two more tablets to the water will further lower the pH. Remember, healthy skin pH is 5!

2. For Helping Swimmers – Most swimming pools are still using harsh toxic chemicals (chlorine or bromine) to fight germs and infections because so many people are sharing a swimming pool. After spending time relaxing and enjoying a wonderful workout in the pool, our skin absorbs quite a bit of these toxic chemicals. The best way to help neutralize the chlorine that has penetrated deep into the skin is to take a good soak in a bathtub using one VitaBath tablet. It is also recommended to soak in a tub with a VitaBath tablet before you go swimming. Soaking in a VitaBath tub right before swimming will allow the vitamin C to protect your skin while you swim and to help remedy the situation after you have completed your swim. A more convenient way might be to dissolve a ¼ size chunk of a tablet of VitaBath into a wash basin full of water and rub the water all over your body with a towel both before and after leaving the pool.

3. For Bathing Babies – Dissolve 1/8 to¼ of a tablet in a small tub of water that is about 15 to 25 gallons in size. Make sure the VitaBath tablet has dissolved into the water and then use your hands to move the water around to achieve an even mixture before allowing babies in the water. Never allow a baby to play with a dry or sizzling tablet. Always test the water to ensure everything is okay with your elbow, such as not too hot, not too cold, not too sour (matching closely our normal skin pH which is 5), before putting babies in the water.

4. For Bathing Pets – Same as bathing babies. Bathe your pet at least once a week with VitaBath-treated water and your pet will get healthier and induce less or no allergic reaction in you when you play with it. Your pet will have better fur, better health, and better skin.

5. For Dechlorinating and removal of Chloramines in Aquarium Water – One tablet per 100 gallon of water. Fish are known to be able to withstand 3000 ppm of ascrobic acid for 24 hours while the aerator is operational. VitaBath is beneficial to the fish and boosts their immune system.

6. For Washing Faces – You will have a better complexion when you wash your face with neutralized water. The benefit is obvious. Soap has a high pH that means strong alkalinity, which can damage skin on contact and it can clog spores. Liquid (detergents) soap is even worse choice for facial cleansing because the surfactant in detergent soap can penetrate the skin much deeper and so cause more damage.

7. For Washing Vegetables – Add 1/4 of a tablet per kitchen sink.

8. For Washing Clothing – Use one or two tablets per load. Your clothing will be soft, clean, and non-toxic. There is no need to dry them with a fabric softener either. Put the tablet on a pure white garment right underneath the water stream or make sure the tablet is completely dissolved into the water before loading in your clothing. Depending on how soiled the clothing is try adding a teaspoon or more of a coconut-base laundry detergent to the VitaBath load.

9. For Treating Hot Tub Water To Inhibit Bacteria – Hot tubs may be 250 gallons in size so you may want to add 3 tables, but 6 tablets will definitely be healthier and more effective in inhibiting bacteria.

10. For General Cleaning - There is no hard and fast rule to follow. Depending on how tough the cleaning job is, just making sure to go over the VitaBath water washed places with a second rinse with plain water or a more diluted VitaBath neutralize water rinse.