Allergy Research Group TG 100 Natural Glandulars

100 Veg Capsules
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Get support for proper thyroid gland function with a natural glandular supplement from the experts at Allergy Research Group.
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    Brand: Allergy Research Group

    Product Code: tg-100-natural-glandulars-ARG

    Servings per Container: 100

    Quantity per Container: 100 Veg Capsules

    Thyroid Function Support with Glandular Therapy

    Inside your neck is a butterfly-shaped gland that impacts metabolism, body temperature, growth and development as well as brain chemistry.

    When your thyroid gland isn't functionally normally - you can begin experiencing health complications. They include goiter - which is basically a swollen thyroid. But the two most common conditions are hyperthyroidism, in which too much thyroid hormone is produced and hypothyroidism, which is when your body isn't getting enough T3 & T4 thyroid hormones.

    TG 100 is a natural glandular supplement from Allergy Research that could promote a healthy thyroid that functions normally. It is made with bovine-sourced material that goes through a special process to maintain he biological activity of the enzymes and hormones.

    The concept behind glandular therapy is that tissue from a certain organ or gland could promote normal activity of the same body part in humans.

    Allergy Research glandular supplements come from government-inspected, range-fed animals raised in New Zealand or Australia without hormones or antibiotics.

    Choose TG 100 Natural Glandulars from Allergy Research Group today.

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    The product is working wonderfully

    The product is working wonderfully for me.

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