NOW Foods Tea Tree Essential Oil

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NOW Tea Tree Oil is a cleansing, purifying, renewing essential oil with a potent, warm, spicy aroma.
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    Product Details

    Brand: NOW Foods

    Product Code: tea-tree-essential-oil-NOW-1-oz

    Quantity per Container: 1 Oz

    NOW Tea Tree Oil is an aromatherapy essential oil that is 100% pure, steam-distilled from the leaves and twigs of Melaleuca alternifolia, and mixes well with many other essential oils.

    • 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil
    • Aroma: potent, warm, spicy.
    • Benefits: cleansing, purifying, renewing
    • Mixes well with: basil, bergamot, citronella, clary sage, clove, eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, nutmeg, oregano, peppermint, pine, rosemary, rosewood, tangerine, tea tree, thyme, and ylang ylang.
    • Extraction Method: steam distilled from leaves and twigs
    • Purifying Room Blend: Add 1 drop each of tea tree oil and grapefruit oil, along with 10 drops of lemon oil to diffuser and enjoy!
    • Purity Tested/Quality Assured

    Well-known for its antiseptic and germicidal properties, tea tree oil has been used therapeutically by the aboriginal people of Australia for centuries. Today, it is commonly used in a number of cosmetic and beauty applications.

    Customer Reviews


    11 reviews

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    Great for Laundry too

    I add drops to my laundry and it helps get that musty odor out of towels and other items that just never seem to smell "clean" after being laundered. Great stuff!

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    Miyoko B.

    Also good for face

    Lavender and Franincense are also excellent for skin. They also boost mood and are calming. If tea tree oil is too strong for your skin , don't dis-are, try mixing with a carrier oil and apply. One drop essential oil to 10 of carrier oil. Never apply directly on an infant. Always dilute on children!
    Use common sense, essential oils were early medicine and therefore should be treated with respect and moderation! Enjoy!

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    Tanya -


    I use it in my cleaning products.

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    Tea tree oil

    Excellent product!

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    Not medical or professional advice



    Now oils

    I've been using them for over a year now and everyone that comes to my house loves them actually two have went out and bought their own

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    I bought this to use in any possible way for my acne-prone skin. So I ultimately decided to use it as a toner. I dampen a cotton pad and add a 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and proceed to swipe the pad all over my face. It's been 3 days since my initial purchase of this product and I'm already starting to see results. No joke. My skin looks brighter, the redness of my skin has calmed down, and the amount of acne bumps that I get are ceasing to exist. Will definitely purchase again once I run out!

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    no mosquito bites

    I heard that this would help deter mosquitoes. I am usually covered with bites in summer, so far this year (it is summer in AZ, folks), since adding 8 - 10 drops to my liquid soap, I have had zero bites. I did get about 6 bites before the order arrived, back in March. None since, and I have seen plenty of opportunity for them. Don't know if it works for everyone, but it works for me. currently using with Neutrogena liquid soap

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    I add a few drops to vitamin E oil to sooth my daughter's bug-bites and itches - she LOVES it!!

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    Tea tree oil

    After reading about the numerous benefits of tea tree oil I decided to give it a try. It usually works pretty well.

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    Tea Tree

    Fast Shipping - Great product - works great

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