What We Learned About Health from Watching "Super Size Me"

Did you happen to see Super Size Me (2004)? It's a movie documenting a man's experience of eating nothing but fast food three times a day for a month (without working out)to prove the physical and mental effects of consuming fast food. Apparently Dr. Fredrik Nystrom saw it and used the concept for a clinical trial.

In his study, he asked participants to eat fast food twice per day, without exercising. After four weeks of indulgence, the participants experienced increased triglyceride levels (a key risk factor for stroke and heart attack), weight gain, and increased insulin resistance— a precursor for diabetes. Additionally, it took only one week for the participants to develop elevated ALT (alanine aminotransferase), a specific type of liver enzyme. Chronic states of elevated liver enzymes can result in serious liver damage.

The duration of this study was only four weeks, but it would be easy to imagine how a lifetime of fast-food consumption could impact a person's health. Additional research has shown that just one meal of a hamburger and French fries causes a spike in both cholesterol and glucose, which ultimately creates extra harmful free radicals and damage to blood vessels.

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