Barleans Organic Oils Seriously Delicious Omega-3 from Fish Oil

16 Oz
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Take charge of your health with Citrus Sorbet High Potency Omega-3 from Fish Oil from Barlean's. Boost Omega-3 intakes the delicious way! Place your order by phone or online today.
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    Brand: Barleans Organic Oils

    Product Code: seriously-delicious-omega-3-fish-oil-BOO-lmn-creme-16-oz

    Quantity per Container: 16 Oz

    Omega-3 with a Twist of Lemon Creme

    Seriously Delicious Omega-3 from Fish Oil from Barlean's Organic Oils presents omega-3 fatty acids in a blend that tastes just alike a lemon creme smoothie.

    A potent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-3 comes with none of the oily taste and texture of liquids. And you don' have to swallow any large capsules.

    This rich blend may help support

    • Heart health
    • Cholesterol levels within a normal range
    • Bone density and joint mobility
    • Energy and endurance levels
    • Hair, nail and skin health
    • Mental health, wellness and acuity
    • Blood glucose levels within a normal range
    • Hormonal and sexual health

    Brain Food

    Our brains get the most benefit from essential fatty acids. And fish oil contains both EPA and DHA, the omega-3s our brains need for healthy cell structure and function.

    The fats we eat daily can affect nerve function, such as mental clarity, mood, attention span, and brain aging.

    Children and Fatty Acids

    It is critical that children get healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids, most notably DHA, to promote balanced mood, focus and concentration.

    Healthy DHA/EPA ratios also support children's cognitive function.

    Omega-3 Mood Support

    People with higher levels of EPA and DHA appear to enjoy better moods.

    And adequate levels of omega-3s are essential for healthy brain function and balanced mood, particularly for pregnant women, as declining levels after child birth can lead to mood disturbances and irritability.

    Anyone worried about mood and cognitive function should think about using products emphasizing EPA.

    However, if your focus is on developing nerve cell tissue, as in pregnancy and nursing, you should look to products emphasizing DHA.

    Help With Mental Stress

    Omega-3 may help reduce the negative impacts of mental stress.

    Rapid Assimilation

    As it is premicronized, Omega-3 can be rapidly digested and assimilated through your intestinal tract and into your bloodstream. This helps guarantee maximum cellular bioavailability.

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    6 reviews

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    This is so easy to take! I'm excited to finally find a product I can take regularly.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Vivian C.

    Barleans Omega Swirl Fishoil

    This is the only Fishoil that I will use. It tastes like lemon pudding and doesn't leave a bad aftertaste or an odor as some fish oils do! I would highly recommend this product!

    Not medical or professional advice


    spx trader -

    Heat sensitive product is unneccessary in headline,

    Heat sensitive creates an issue for me. It always arrives warm and I worry that it could affect the product. Find another cold pack!

    Not medical or professional advice



    Tastes great!

    This is a tasty way to get your fish oil. Absolutely no fishy after taste.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Omega Lovin' Momma

    My kiddo loves it too!

    I've tried taking different forms of fish oil (liquid and pills) and always end up going back to Barleans flavored fish oil. There are no "fish burps" and even my 8 year old looks forward to taking her daily teaspoon. She wants more but I don't give her more than a teaspoon a day, per the instructions. This is a great tasting fish oil and one that the entire family will enjoy!

    Not medical or professional advice




    Omega Swirl Fish Oil Mango Peach is an amazing way to get fish oil. I recommend this to anyone/everyone - ESP great for children or adults who can not stomach the original taste of fish oil.

    Not medical or professional advice