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Roll-On Deodorant by Real Purity is an aluminum-free personal care product that delivers all-natural, all-day protection. Order now!Read More >
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58 Reviews

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Real Purity Deodorant

I have tried well over a dozen natural deodorants which never worked. I am amazed at how well this product works and have stopped searching.

Real Purity

Deodorant Holistic Formula is an awesome product!

Holistic Formula Deodorant

Deodorant Holistic Formula is just the best deodorant ever. It has only natural ingredients and really works. I try to get every woman I know to try it and many of them have and swear by its effectiveness. I have used it for years and always have an extra 2 on hand to give to others to try.

best natural deodorant i've tried!

this is definitely the best natural deodorant i have tried. i've used Tom's, Kiss My Face, and a crystal, and this works the best and is the easiest to use.

Holistic Herbal Deodorant

My husband was having a hard time finding a deodorant that was natural and could handle his manly smell. However we finally found gold in Deodorant Holistic Formula. It works all day and best of all it is natural and not full of harmful chemicals. We highly recommend.

Amazing stuff!

I tried tons of different brands and types of deodorant and none of them worked, until Deodorant Holistic Formula. Both my daughters love it too. Smells pleasant, and maybe citrusy? This stuff is awesome!

Great Deodorant

Best natural deodorant. Because I perspire easily I have used an antiperspirant/deodorant all my life. I was skeptical about this products ability to do the job, but it does and with great results. I would never consider any other product.

A natural deodorant that works, finally!!!

I really tried at least 20 natural deodorant and NONE of them worked. I am so glad I found this one online, it really works and dries fast. I highly recommend it. My only suggestion is the roller doesn't always work really well. Give it a try it's worth it!!!

Best Deodorant Ever

I have had allergies to several deodorants even those without aluminum. Most don't work or seem to contribute to sweat. This is the best. Smells great and works!

Holistic Formula Deodorant

Several years ago now, I set out to find a natural deodorant because of all I was reading about the harmful effects over time from the use of chemical underarm antiperspirant-deodorants. I tried many and those all failed me by mid-day or so. When I tried Real Purity's Holistic Formula Deodorant, my search was over. It works all day long and smells nice and light. It's good for me and it works. 'Nough said.

Works Great

I was looking for a natural deoderant that could withstand my active lifestyle and control odor, I had tried several. After cyclng, TRX, yoga, running and golf, this is a winner for me.

Real Purity Holistic Deodorant

I react to just about everything in personal care products, but Deodorant Holistic Formula works for me! It doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't give me a migraine from artificial fragrances, doesn't cause me to worry about the ingredient list, and it works better than any name brand or "natural" deodorant I've ever tried.

Excellent product

I've used so many "holistic" and "natural" deodorants in my day, and very few have been any good. Recently I had to throw away my wonderful-smelling Herban Cowboy deodorant after learning the the FIRST INGREDIENT was basically propylene glycol (disguised under a different name, propranediol). I discovered the Real Purity brand while reading online reviews from other people who had encountered that same problem with the HC brand and had sought alternatives. One person said Natural Purity was great, so I followed her link and ordered it. I have to say that this is one of the best non-chem deodorants I've ever tried. It seems to completely stop odor, and I don't really notice myself sweating much either. It has a nice, light smell and goes on easily. I usually have to wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then I add a little baby cornstarch on top to create a smooth pit, but it's not unduly sticky so others might not need to do that. Anyway I love it and am thrilled to have found it.

Deodorant Holistic Formula

Deodorant Holistic Formula really works! It's natural and yet very effective. Many of the holistic brands available in the grocery store give me a rash; this one does not. Very effective product, even when sweating. At the same time, this deodorant is really wet, and the ball applicator seems to spread too much at a time. There often is extra liquid all over the ball and down the sides of the applicator. Perhaps it's too runny? In any case, I feel like I wind up wasting a lot of what I buy. Since it's expensive, that's important. I feel like I waste money in the application process.

Best deodorant e v e r !

I have been searching for this deodorants whole life! I can work a double and not be stinky at all. I don't have to worry about all the chemicals and bad stuff that's in other deodorants and antiperspirants. I'll never use another deodorant again! Love Deodorant Holistic Formula !

Love it!

I love this stuff. It keeps me dry and smelling fresh. I have tried lots of natural deodorants I have even made my own but nothing compares to this one. It is awesome. No strong odor and I love that all the ingredients are natural. I just purchased my second bottle. I will continue to use this stuff.

No worries!

This holistic deodorant works just as well or better for me than the common name brands and much better than other natural deodorants. The fragrance is not overbearing and dissipates as the deodorant dries.

Best deodorant I've ever tried

I have tried so many natural deodorants and Real Purity's is the first one that actually works and does not irritate my skin


This is the first natural deodorant I"ve tried (and I've tried dozens!!) that actually works. It is amazing. I'm not fond of the strong scent but it's a small price to pay for a healthy deodorant that keeps me fresh all day!

Best Deodorant!

This deodorant is great for any season and temperature! You might need to apply a few times during hot months. When first starting it, give it some time, several weeks perhaps, to let your body adjust especially if coming from using a harsh deodorant. I highly recommend!

It works, It smells good, It doesn't stain

Very glad that I found this Real Purity's Holistic Formula deodorant. It is the first natural deodorant I have found that actually works for a long period of time, applies easily, and doesn't stain shirts. The smell is very gender-neutral. Recommended!


I can't say enough good things about this deodorant. When I tell people about it, I sound like a crazy person because I love it so much! It is a roll-on and does go on quite wet with a light herbally smell, but it dries quickly and when dry has no scent, and I have no problems with it getting on my clothes. If I skip showering for a day I don't even have to put on more deodorant, it just keeps working. It fights perspiration too, which I was not expecting from a natural deodorant. Seriously, the stuff is magical!

Great deodorant

Works great, unless I am working out then it works just okay. But fortunately I don't work out much :)

Excellent Protection & Healthful, too!

I love this deodorant! I decided a few years ago to choose more natural health and beauty care products and that led to giving up my tried-and-true (but all harsh chemicals) antiperspirant. Several other brands failed me quickly during the day and I was discouraged. Then a friend recommended Real Purity and I gave the holistic deodorant a try. It has never failed (and I walk dogs for a living, so I stress it every day!) and I've been using it for 2 years now. I feel so good about using a natural product that is beneficial to my body. I love this deodorant and very highly recommend it!

Not Organic!

The deodorant I received has no listed organic ingredients whatsoever, unlike the description on the web page. I purchased it because it was advertised as having a long list of organic ingredients. It is way overpriced for not being organic. I will be asking for a refund.

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