Oil of Oregano


The Story Behind Oil of Oregano


Oregano oil comes from the leaf of the oregano plant. It contains chemicals that may help with coughing and bronchial spasms. Oregano is traditionally used to support the health of the respiratory tract. It has been used for coughing, asthma, croup and bronchitis.

Oil of Oregano is a strong bacteria fighter and can also be taken by mouth for intestinal parasites. When taken by mouth it has also been used for allergies, sinus problems, earaches and fatigue. Oregano oil can also be applied topically to the skin and may help with conditions such as acne and dandruff.

Oil of oregano contains carvacrol, a compound that may help break through outer cell membranes that protect bacteria from a person's immune system.

Quick Facts

  • Used to fight parasitic infections or reduce infectious diarrhea
  • Used to support a healthy immune response
  • Hand sanitizer: Combine 10 drops oregano oil w/ 2 tbsp coconut oil and rub into hands as a natural sanitizer
  • Vaporize it to kill bacteria in the air
  • Use topically for acne, rosacea or dandruff
  • When brushing your teeth: add a drop or two to your toothpaste