BioRay NDF Plus Gentle Heavy Metal Detox

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NDF Plus Gentle Heavy Metal Detox from Bioray supports removal of toxic heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, organochlorides and BPA while balancing nutrient and mineral levels.
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    Brand: BioRay

    Product Code: ndf-plus-gentle-heavy-metal-detox-BR-2-oz

    Quantity per Container: 2 Oz

    BioRay NDF Plus Gentle Heavy Metal Detox is a daily dietary supplement in liquid form that offers a gentle yet effective way to detox from environmental toxins. The supplement contains NDF (Natural Detox Factors) micronized chlorella, a green algae that safely binds to and removes toxic compounds, ridding the body of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and more. It also replenishes nutrients and minerals to help keep your body functioning at its best.

    Formulated specifically for those with chemical sensitivities, immune issues, digestive concerns, or nutrient absorption challenges, NDF Plus is a safe and reliable choice for detoxing your body. If you need a daily detox and cleansing support supplement, try BioRay NDF Plus Gentle Heavy Metal Detox from Natural Healthy Concepts.

    • Removes toxic metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, uranium, thallium, cadmium, antimony and aluminum.
    • Removes chemicals and pesticides including Lindane, dioxin, BPA, phthalates and chlorine.
    • Binds to endotoxins and exotoxins.
    • Balances essential nutrients as it contains naturally occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
    • Provides natural occurring fulvic acid, antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, serving to balance cell life.

    Health Benefits:

    • Improves memory and immune function
    • Inhibits excessive histamine response
    • Eliminates brain fog
    • Increases vitality, energy & focus
    • Improves tolerance of environment
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