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Find out more about Natural Calm - Raspberry-Lemon Flavor by Natural Vitality here! It seeks to support healthy magnesium levels. Order today!Read More >

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33 Reviews

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Really works well!

I find that this product really works. I would only add the taste needs a little help- I usually add a touch of a Now Slender Stick to sweeten it up.

natural calm

This product has helped me so much. I feel good all over. Thank you

Great Product

I use Natural Calm every day in the morning. Things that may be stressful to other people are not for me.

natural calm

Helps with calming.

Natural Calm

It is great to finally find this product.

Natural Calm

Natural Calm is a great product and one that I would highly recommend. This company is the best price for buying this product. I get it very quickly when I order it.

Natural Calm

A trusted friend recommended Natural Calm by Natural Vitality and I purchased it right away. It did all she said.

Natural Calm

I started to take this product (1 tsp) before I went to bed. I was amazed at how my sleep pattern improved. I will continue using this product. I think it tastes good and enjoy it immensely as my "nightcap".

Calming it is

easy tastes good form of magnesium

Best magnesium

Easy to take and effective. Highly recommended.


Great product great service!!

Watermelon is the best!

I'm so addicted to this flavor, and I don't even like real watermelons! I use this as part of my electrolyte supplementation on a keto diet along with sodium and potassium. Also great for keeping things moving in the gut!

Love This Flavor

It's so refreshing! And a great way to take magnesium.

Natural Calm

I really like the calming effects of the pleasantly flavored effervescent lemon raspberry drink in the morning to help me start my day out. I combine it with my yoga/meditation to start out each day "grounded" and centered. It has magnesium which is a great natural supplement, and has a soothing effect.

We tried to live without it...

But we were miserable. Watermelon is our only flavor. You can never stop making it. The others are weak by comparison. We mix it up strong with sodium, potassium, blackberry lemonade, and stevia.

Excellent Service

I was very happy to receive my order very quickly.


I love this product, good for sleep :)

Repeat order

Quick simple and only a couple days

Works great!

Been using this product for a long time and it does work.

Natural Calm Magnesium

My nutritionist suggested this produce at this website. I will re-purchase the item from NaturalHealthyConcepts as it was a good experience.

"Tastes Nasty"

"It doesn't taste like what it says on the picture. Don't recommend buying this kind," says my 7-year-old.

Natural Calm Cherry

I am so happy with Natural Healthy Concepts . Everyone is wonderful to work with. Very happy to receive my order so fast.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD

If Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, the author of The Magnesium Miracle, recommends this then you know it's high quality and very beneficial to your health. I feel just more relaxed especially physically thus affecting me mentally. She also sells a Mg formula that she created called ReMag that does not cause a laxative effect like Natural Calm may. So that's an alternative Mg supp if natural Calm is simply too gut intolerable. Another option is Premier Research Labs Coral Legend sold here. It has along with calcium and magnesium over 70 trace minerals so it's more of a complete mineral supplement. If you feel you don't need supplemental calcium then Trace Minerals Research has a product called Concentrace which is high in magnesium w/over 70 trace minerals, but low in calcium. It can also cause a laxative effect but not as pronounced as Natural Calms. So there are several worth while options for supplementing magnesium.

Natural Calm Magnesium

My nutritionist uses, and recommended this magnesium. <br> I like the flavor and it is immediately absorbed into the body which is important for my digestive issue. My nutritionist and I take it before bedtime and it seems to help me sleep better. This is my second order and I will continue using this product.

Good service, thanks. jkl

Good service, thanks. jkl

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the prices and excellent service provided. I have always received the right products and delivery is fast. So much easier (and cheaper) than going to my doctors office."
Noel S.Verified Customer
"I've been buying Probiotics from Natural Healthy for the past 3 years. I've been very pleased with all my purchases. Great customer service also!"
Robin H.Verified Customer
"Natural Healthy Concept products are amazing! Everything I have ordered had arrived on time and exactly as I wanted!"
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