Miessence Miessence Toothpaste with Essential Oils

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Lemon Toothpaste by Miessence is a natural toothpaste without fluoride with organic essential oils and herbs for naturally clean teeth and fresh breath.Read More >

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50 Reviews

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Best toothpaste

I've searched for a while to find a great toothpaste that's free of chemicals but also tastes good. It has a sweet and slightly salty lemony flavor - which doesn't sound appetizing, but it tastes so good I look forward to brushing my teeth. It also works great. I've had no issues or cavities since switching. It might be more expensive than regular toothpaste, but it lasts for months. I only need to buy about three tubes a year. It's definitely worth the cost of two latte's!

I like it

The flavor was a little different then normal toothpaste but after a few uses we got use to it and now we can't even tell a difference. It doesn't sud up as much as normal toothpaste but that't no big deal and it leaves your mouth feeling extra clean afterwards.

Miessence Mint Toothpaste

Our kids love this toothpaste and we are happy that it is fluoride-free and glycerin-free. I would have given it five stars, except for the price, which is a bit steep and always seems to be rising.

Excellent and hypoallergenic

Lemon Toothpaste is the only toothpaste that I have been able to find (and i have searched extensively) that does not make my chemically sensitive hands break out. I just wish that it was easier to find. Sellers are often out of it, and I have to spend time on the Internet finding someone who has it at the time.

it's the best yet!

I have used Miessence Mint for years and loved it...but little did i know that my new husband doesn't like the smell of mint, so I switched to Anise and it pleases me and him...

amazing product

Lemon Toothpaste tastes great, my teeth appeared whiter at the very first use. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT; AND WON'T GIVE UP ON IT !!!

A little watery

They have changed the formula a year or so ago i think. The toothpaste now won't stay on the tooth brush. Too watery. What did you do to the formula? Taste great and i love it but something has gone wrong with the formulation of it. I will still use it but i waste a lot because it falls of my tooth brush into the sink.Much better than Crest! for sure. This is the best way to clean your teeth and it taste good too. The lemon is my favorite. Not to keen on the other flavors.


I purchased Travel Size Mint Toothpaste in expectations that this would replace the current toothpaste I use. It does NOT clean as effectively. All it does is maintain the quality of your teeth. If they are yellow than this toothpaste won't do much to whiten your teeth. In addition, this doesn't foam up like other toothpastes and requires a lot more whenever brushing. I would suggest switching between this and other standard toothpastes. I use this one once and then a traditional one once per day.. that seems like a good balance in my opinion.

Safe and Effective

I'm so glad Miessence is in business. As a cancer survivor I look for products that are organic and natural, and was attracted to the ad that this is so pure it's edible. I prefer it to the overly minty brands that almost burn your mouth; at the same time, this is very mild and doesn't seem to control bad breath quite as well.

Great Toothpaste.

I enjoy this product. It keeps my teeth clean and I dont feel the harsh aftertaste that mainstream toothpaste leave in your mouth for 30 minutes. It's something I should have been using years ago. I have been using for about a year and I love it. Lemon is the best. Price needs to come down. Otherwise, 5 stars.


I did not like this toothpaste at all. It tastes more like fish than lemon, and even though I have an ultrasonic toothbrush my teeth felt dirtier after using this product. The product is also watery and just falls through the toothbrush on to the floor or the sink when you are trying to use it.

very good!

Anise Toothpaste has a refreshing taste, leaves your mouth feeling clean, no harmful junk ingredients.

Excellent Natural Toothpaste

I tried Mint Toothpaste 4 or 5 years ago, and I've been using it ever since. I will never use anything different. If you're used to conventional toothpastes that are very sweet and minty, it will taste a bit unusual at first, because it's a bit salty. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it. But after you rinse, your mouth tastes very fresh. Also, the formula has improved since that first time, too. You can taste the mint and spices a lot better than before, and the color is better (it was very beige the first time, now it's a little whiter). It used to discolor my toothbrush a bit, but now it doesn't. And of course it's pricey, but it's made in Australia, and it's all natural. Unfortunately all natural products are more expensive, but if more people bought them, maybe the companies could lower the price.

Minty Fresh

I love the taste of Mint Toothpaste; it contains no chemicals, it is healthy and it works.

Great toothpaste

I have super sensitive teeth. I can't even eat fresh fruit -- even apples and peaches make my teeth hurt. This Anise Toothpaste does the best of anything I've tried to keep the sensitivity at bay, better than any of the sensitive toothpastes out there conventional or natural. Plus I don't really care for mint so I like that they have other flavors, which is also good if you are taking homeopathics

Good Toothpaste

I think this is a very good toothpaste overall -- but the ingredients will separate over time so that it becomes "watery" as other reviews have noted. However, if you just shake up the tube before using it, it will no longer be "watery" and will come out in a usable consistency.

Only truly safe toothpaste I've found

I love the Miessence toothpastes and keep both the Anise and Mint flavors on hand. This is the only truly safe toothpaste I've found. Others contain sorbitol or xylitol, neither of which I want. However, the flip-open top of nearly every one I've bought has broken--a couple right after purchase--and then they can't be closed tightly.So now I always unscrew the top rather than flip it and try to make sure that anyone else using the tubes does so as well. The top should be re-designed. It just doesn't work.

Great product inside tube

I love the Miessence toothpastes and buy both the Mint and Anise. However, the lids need to be redesigned. I've had several break, and then they have to be either taped shut to stay closed or wrapped in plastic wrap.

Love it!

Miessence Mint Toothpaste Works great! Teeth feel clean and mouth fresh. I have not had any increase in tartar. No bad chemicals. I have been using it for about a year and very happy.

The only toothpaste I've found that does not contain mint!

I had been looking for a safe toothpaste that does not contain mint. The smell of this toothpaste is quite nice and the ingredients are wonderful. The only real downside is the salty taste from the baking soda.

Great Toothpaste - Hard to Find

This is a great toothpaste, I've been using it for about a year now paired with a Nimbus Compact toothbrush and my teeth/gums have never felt better. I just wish it was a little less expensive and easier to acquire. Lemon is definitely the best out of the 3 toothpaste from Miessence. The flavor isn't for everyone though. I've had a couple people tell me it's too salty.

Great Natural Toothpaste

I tried Mint Toothpaste 4 or 5 years ago, and I've been using it ever since. I will never use anything different. If you're used to conventional toothpastes that are very sweet and minty, it will taste a bit unusual at first, because it's a bit salty. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it. But after you rinse, your mouth tastes very fresh.

Great toothpaste, great seller!

Great product and great company. I feel like my teeth are happier and maybe a little whiter too, for making the switch from Tom's of Maine.


First time using this toothpaste, and I am impressed. Very effective cleaning of the teeth and the taste is surprisingly better than mint.


fast delivery pretty good so far

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