Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 5,000 Mcg Cherry

60 Lozenges
4 Reviews
Get a vitamin B12 supplement in the form of a chewable lozenge. Choose Methylcobalamin for B12 that's easy for your body to absorb and retain!
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    Product Details

    Brand: Jarrow Formulas

    Product Code: methyl-b-12-5000-mcg-cherry-JRF

    Servings per Container: 60

    Quantity per Container: 60 Lozenges

    How B12 Lozenges Can Make a Difference

    A vitamin B12 deficiency is not uncommon and can occur because of an insufficient diet or due to specific health conditions.

    If your body does need more B12, Jarrow Formulas offers its Methyl B-12 supplement as an option to help fill that nutrient gap. So-called methylcobalamin has been shown to be more-easily absorbed and retained than other forms of B12.

    Vitamin B12 has many important jobs to do and is involved in a number of bodily processes.

    It helps protect brain cells and nerve tissue and may contribute to getting a good night's sleep. B12 is also needed to reduce toxic homocysteine into the essential amino acid methionine.

    Product Details:

    • B12 Supplement Providing 5000mcg of Methylcobalamin
    • Chewable Lozenge - Cherry Flavored
    • Easily Absorbed and Retained
    • Supports health of brains cells and nerve tissue
    • Supports quality sleep
    • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians

    Vitamin B12 could also support the protection of eye function from toxicity due to excess glutamate.

    Because those of us following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle don't eat meat and dairy products - which are considered the primary dietary sources of B12 - supplementation may be beneficial to you.

    This supplement comes in the form of a lozenge which can be dissolved in your mouth or chewed every few days.

    Choose Methyl B-12 5000mcg by Jarrow Formulas right now!

    Customer Reviews


    4 reviews

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    Nancy -

    High Potency that works

    This is a high potency B-12 that at my last blood test, seems to be really helping. I keep the bottle on my desk to remember to take it and take extra for those ""stressful"" days. I have purchased it before and will purchase it again in the future.

    Not medical or professional advice



    High quality

    I take one everyday and notice a difference in energy,if I do miss a day.They taste great,easily digestibe and assimilated. Jarrow is and up standing brand and I highly reccomend them.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Sandi -

    Boost your energy

    I use this product to sustain my energy throughout the day when I feel a lag. It dissolves easily under the tongue and has a nice flavor. Jarrow is a trusted company and I use a couple of their products. This is one of them.

    Not medical or professional advice



    Good b-12 supplement

    Tastes great and has a good quantity of easily digestible b-12

    Not medical or professional advice