Carlson Labs Magnesium 400 Mg

100 Softgels
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Magnesium by Carlson Labs supports normal energy production, muscle contractions, and healthy, strong bones. Order online or by phone today.
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    Product Details

    Brand: Carlson Labs

    Product Code: magnesium-400-mg-CL-250-sfgls

    Quantity per Container: 250 Softgels

    Magnesium: A Multitude of Benefits

    Beyond its role as a counterpart to calcium for bone health, magnesium is responsible for a wide range of bodily processes, and can offer a multitude of benefits.

    This Magnesium from Carlson Labs features 400mg of liquid Magnesium Oxide per softgel.

    About this Magnesium:

    Magnesium is necessary for some 300 enzyme reactions throughout the body. These reactions help regulate heart rhythm, muscle contraction, blood vessel relaxation, proper calcium utilization, metabolism, energy production and much more.

    Due to many factors, our food and water are not as rich in minerals -such as magnesium - as they used to be. This supplement may help you get enough magnesium to support not only baseline, but optimal health.


    • May help support bone health
    • Helps aid calcium transport and utilization
    • May help support and maintain normal heart rhythm & cardiovascular health
    • Helps support normal muscle function
    • May promote relaxation for healthy sleep
    • Magnesium oxide may help relieve constipation
    • May help reduce symptoms related to PMS


    • 400mg magnesium oxide per softgel
    • Contains NO: preservatives,milk, casein, gluten

    Customer Reviews


    6 reviews

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    Yvonne -

    I would continue to buy this product over and over again .

    Magnesium Gels are the best supplement. I will continue to buy this product again and again, as I have done for the past twelve years.

    Not medical or professional advice


    Debra D.

    Great bargain!

    Great bargain!

    Not medical or professional advice


    Lyn -

    Best Magnesium source I've found

    Carlson is definitely a go to brand. This is the best liquid magnesium I've found. I only use liquid magnesium.

    Not medical or professional advice



    Great Product

    Was told by my doctor to start taking Magnesium, 1200mg. With this product I only have to take 3 pills to get that. Others I have looked at I would have to take 6 or more. Great price, great service. Would highly recommend ordering from Natural Healthy Concepts!

    Not medical or professional advice


    Lyn -

    Carlson Liquid Magnesium is the only magnesium I buy

    The best.

    Not medical or professional advice


    DE -

    Pretty Impressive

    The Value for the money is great. It works wonders. The only thing is it looks scary at first and a little off putting by the size and the white color. Look beyond that it is just wonderful.

    Not medical or professional advice