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Loving Energy from BioRay Loving Energy is a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic. Its ingredients are often used for relieving stress and exhaustion and for support of the lungs and the adrenal system.
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When to take BioRay Loving Energy depends on the individual’s health and wellness needs. When it comes to how to take BioRay Loving Energy, the brand recommends taking 1 ml, 1 - 2 times per day in water, juice, or tea.
When it comes to how to take BioRay Loving Energy, the brand suggests first shaking the tonic well. The product label then recommends that teens and adults take 1 to 3 droppers three to five times per day, or as desired, for 2 - 4 months. The product has a shelf life of 5 years, so it can be stored in a cupboard with no refrigeration necessary.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before use. Keep out of reach of children.
BioRay Loving Energy is a natural dietary supplement made with organic, plant-based ingredients. BioRay Loving Energy ingredients include Solomon seal root, Eleuthero root, Reishi mushroom, and Schizandra berries, all of which work together to create a balanced formula that helps the body adapt to stressors both physical and mental. This unique blend of adaptogenic herbs supports the body during times of stress.
BioRay Loving Energy ingredients have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese herbalism to restore energy. BioRay Loving Energy ingredients also support the kidneys and adrenals and are meant to help with mental vitality and physical endurance. They are especially beneficial for those who experience stress or anxiety. BioRay Loving Energy ingredients are pure, natural, and free of harsh chemicals and fillers.
If you’re curious about how a kidney Yin tonic like BioRay Loving Energy works, it’s important to understand Yin deficiency first. If you're feeling constantly depleted and dry, a Yin deficiency may be to blame.
A supplement like BioRay Loving Energy, which is a kidney Yin tonic, may help nourish and support the body's natural Yin energy, restoring balance and vitality. With regular use, you'll feel stronger, more balanced, and restored!
If you suspect you may have a Yin deficiency, try BioRay Loving Energy Feel Good Tonic, a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic to support energy. Order BioRay Loving Energy on to support healthy Yin balance.

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