Dr. Mercola Krill Oil Antarctic

180 Capsules
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Antarctic Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola is a dietary supplement containing 1000mg pure, Antarctic Krill per serving- rich in Omega 3s, astaxanthin & phospholipids.
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    Brand: Dr. Mercola

    Product Code: krill-oil-antarctic-DRM-180-cpsls

    Quantity per Container: 180 Capsules

    Antarctic Krill Oil for Omega 3s

    Antarctic Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola is a highly absorbable Omega 3 supplement derived from pure Antarctic Krill, which are naturally rich in phospholipids and astaxanthin.

    Krill oil, like fish oil, is high in the important Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), which are crucial for:

    • Heart, brain, immune, joint, skin and nervous system health

    However, unlike fish oil, krill also contain phospholipids, which can help your body absorb the Omega 3s more easily.

    Why this Krill Oil?

    The krill in this supplement were harvested from the Antarctic seas, where they are low on the food chain and far from sources of pollution.

    Krill are naturally rich in vitamins A & E, phospholipids and astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a flavonoid - a potent antioxidant compound that may help protect the body from the effects of free radicals.

    This krill oil supplement:

    • Contains a naturally balanced blend of Omega 3s and 6
    • Rich in phosopholipids, which may help the body absorb and utilize Omega 3s more easily
    • Rich in astaxanthin, a carotenoid antioxidant that helps reduce the effects of free radicals
    • Rich in Vitamins A & E, powerful antioxidants
    • No fishy burps, reflux
    • Krill are a more renewable, sustainable resource than fish
    • May help support eye, skin, cardiovascular, brain, mood, nervous system, immune, joint health and may relieve symptoms of PMS
    • Does not require refrigeration
    • Fish gelatin Licap for better absorption

    Suggested use for Antarctic Krill Oil

    As a dietary supplement to balance and support healthy levels of Omega 3s, adults may take two Licaps per day, with the first meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

    Doctor Trusted Brand

    Professional-grade products adhere to the strictest standards for purity and potency, and use the highest-grade ingredients available.

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    2 reviews

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    Content leaked from capsules

    I wanted to like this brand of krill, but the only issue I have is that the krill oil is not in a completely sealed capsule like most other krill capsules I have tried. The krill oil is filled in those oblong-shaped two piece capsules such as what powdered supplements are filled into. One of the krill oil capsules was intact but all the red oil completely leaked out of it while in the bottle and so all the other pills that I take out each time are covered in red oil that gets on your fingers. Just bear this in mind so that you don't stain anything with red oil.that transfers from your fingertips if you weren't aware one of the pills inside the bottle had leaked. I emptied the whole bottle onto a paper towel to see what was causing all this leakage on the first few pills I took out, and that is when I saw the empty capsule shell and wet oil also on the bottom of the bottle and some other pills stuck to it. Only for this reason will I search for another brand, but I'm not commenting negatively on how the krill oil is.

    Not medical or professional advice



    I trust Mercola

    I use many Mercola products. You had a cheaper price than the good doctor. I like the Krill oil and feel it is better than fish oil.

    Not medical or professional advice