Protecting the Aging Brain with Fish Consumption

Fish oil is a supplement that everyone should be taking for a long list of reasons, one being to prevent memory loss. One of the studies that support this is from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, indicating that omega-3 fatty acid consumption slows age-related cognitive decline.

This study was conducted in the Netherlands, which tracked the fish consumption of 210 healthy men age 70 to 89 over a five-year period. All of the men started the study with stable cognitive function. At the study's conclusion, the men who did not consume any fish (which is an excellent source of EPA and DHA omega-3s) experienced cognitive decline four times greater than men who consumed fish on a regular basis. In this study, a clear dose-response relationship demonstrated that daily consumption of a total of 400 mg of EPA and DHA omega-3s was protective against decline in cognitive function.

The best source of omega-3s is fish, however, pollutants such as methyl mercury, dioxins, and polychlorinated biphenols are showing up in this invaluable food source. A safer alternative is to take a high-quality fish oil supplement, which is molecularly distilled to remove the toxins and heavy metals. Fish oil has a wide variety of proven health benefits, so we recommend taking 3-4 grams of fish oil daily for brain health, heart health, and joint health.

Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 85, No. 4, 1142-1147, April 2007