Natural Factors Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup

5 Oz
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Ever feel like all cold medicines really do is just knock you out? Get real relief for your cold symptoms and support your immune system with natural ingredients.
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    Brand: Natural Factors

    Product Code: echinamide-active-defense-honey-lemon-syrup-NF

    Servings per Container: 30

    Quantity per Container: 5 Oz

    Quit the Chemical Cough Syrup

    Having a cold is miserable. The coughing, the stuffed up sinuses, the sore throat, the chest congestion - you just want it gone! But many of the typical drug store cold medicines just don't cut it. Rather than actually doing something for your health, they just seem to knock you out with who knows what kind of chemicals.

    The next time you feel under the weather, reach for something that supports your health with natural, soothing ingredients that don't leave you in a fog. Try Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup from Natural Factors.

    Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup contains a proprietary herbal formula and patented Echinamide to naturally soothe an irritated chest, throat and sinuses while also supporting your immune system to help naturally fight off your cold.

    Echinamide is a patented, super-extracted Echinacea compound produced from the roots and flowers of organically grown, immune-boosting Echinacea. Picked at their peak and on-site, lab-certified to be a the highest potency, these plants provide you with the most powerful immune support possible.

    For natural soothing of your worst cold symptoms, Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup also contains natural liquid extracts from wild cherry bark, mullein leaf, peppermint and horehound as well as invigorating and antiseptic eucalyptus oil.

    And unlike your awful-tasting drug store cold medicine, Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup has a natural, pleasant honey lemon flavor that makes it easy to take.

    Don't suffer through another long cold - or another awful cold medicine. Order Echinamide Active Defense Honey Lemon Syrup.

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    3 reviews

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    Thank you! Love Enchinamide by Natural Factors. It works 😃

    Not medical or professional advice



    good and good for you

    I have been using echinamide syrup for at least ten years. It has a delicious
    flavor and is very soothing to the throat and bronchials. Most importantly, the
    echinacia and other herbs work like a charm.

    Not medical or professional advice



    Coat and Soothes

    I picked this up when the sales lady at my local nutritional supplement shop recommended it for a cold. It is awesome helps to relieve scratchy, sore throats and reduce the irritations that make you cough. I can't say that my cold went away any quicker but it provided a pathway to facilitate the body through its natural healing processes rather then just suppressing symptoms.

    Not medical or professional advice