Zinc Is Crucial for 300 Enzymes

Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' February 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter

"And you folks who have healed the impossible know how important repairing the cell membranes (that are like the computer keyboard for the entire body) and repairing the mitochondria (where energy is made) are for reversing all disease. You've learned how crucial the fatty acids in cod liver oil like EPA and DHA are for reversing every disease. But did you remember that the enzymes D6D (delta-6-desaturase) and D5D (delta-5-desaturase) are zinc dependent? You cannot metabolize the fatty acids, the most important chemistry of the body, without these zinc-dependent enzymes. And you learned in the latest and most thorough book, How to Cure Diabetes, zinc is crucial in making pancreatic insulin, thyroid hormone, and much more. And this has been a very abbreviated snapshot. So what do you think of a physician who can't even rattle off five uses for zinc when there are over 300 enzymes that are zinc dependent? Does he have any chance of helping you heal? You be the judge. And of course it goes without saying that an intracellular or RBC zinc should be checked in everyone because the deficiency is so common and can lead to anything from heart disease to Alzheimer's and arthritis."

No Disease Happens Overnight

"Anything you do know is better than nothing, which is what most people are doing. The food choices that you make that you learn about this month are extremely crucial, as well as the information in the latest book How to Cure Diabetes plus the classic Detoxify or Die. And for those who are more sophisticated, the heavy-metal detoxification protocols as outlined in The High Blood Pressure Hoax and subsequent TWs will take you even further. These protocols are five times cheaper, safer, and as effective as IV chelation and all without loading you with disease-causing IV phthalates. In addition, items are all non-prescription. No disease happens overnight, for we are all creating some of it every day. That's why you want to ask yourself every night before you go to bed, 'did I make myself better, same or worse today?'"