Dr. Sherry Rogers: The Vitamin B6 and Hormones Connection

Since Vitamin B6 is crucial for the metabolism of many of your "happy hormones", homocysteine, and dozens of other crucial pathways, it may just be worth a trial. Merely use 50 mg P5P once or twice a day for a month. If it helps any symptoms then you know that your zinc was probably sub-therapeutic. Usually one at breakfast and lunch is sufficient and avoid having it after 3 PM, since it can cause insomnia or hyper-vigilant dreams.

But remember there are so many other symptoms that could be improved, since B6 is so crucial in multiple pathways. So be on the look-out for normalization of anything from mood to cholesterol to homocysteine or pain or any other inflammatory overload. Yet don't ignore the many environmental chemicals that can lower the level as well as your daily consumption of alcohol. Most important, however, is that P5P can boost your serotonin synthesis from one of your "happy hormones" tryptophan. Until you repair your gut, you may need a temporary boost from sub-lingual 5-HTP, 1-3 a day. Remember to avoid GMO foods as much as possible since they poison tryptophan. For one of my many goals is to keep you making enough "happy hormones" so that you stay motivated to keep learning in order to make yourselves too smart to fail.

Aluminum Foil

The coatings on aluminum foil can give as much as 5 mcg/ cm3. That means if you're using aluminum foil, you are better off putting the shiny side on the food, not the dull side which has the plastics which then migrate into the food and damage your chemistry.

The downside of this is that this ethylene diamine coating is a thermoplastic which can melt into the foods with heat. Therefore, cooking anything wrapped in aluminum foil with the dull side toward the food actually helps the plastic impregnate the food even easier. And it's even worse for shrink-wrapped foods. The heat needed to seal the plastic literally drives the cancer-causing plastics into food. As you learned from Detoxify Or Die, the plastic water and soda bottles all give us cancer causing plastics. As well, plastics outgas from our cell phones, computers, the heated wires that carry the electricity throughout our homes, plus the multitude of other unavoidable plastics out gassing from our furnishings and construction environments. The bottom line is we are surrounded by plastics in our foods, homes, offices, and travel environments. There's no getting away from them. Therefore, we have the need for detoxification in as many ways as possible every day. Just pile on as many detox parameters as you can, i.e. Detox Cocktail, the far infrared sauna (FIR), Detoxamin Suppositories, Detox Enema, Organic Sulfur Crystals (TW 2018), the many nutrients, foods, pulsed electromagnetic field devices, etc. (TW 2014-18). In the body's compromised attempt to get rid of its daily onslaught of toxins, free radicals are produced that create inflammation which damages energy-producing mitochondria and cell membranes.

The Hypothyroidism Epidemic

You have learned in past TW that there's an epidemic of hypothyroidism in the United States that goes undiagnosed. This leaves millions with memory loss, depression, exhaustion, constipation, body pains, heart ailments, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and other symptoms that they are told they have to learn to live with and are merely part of aging. Three top reasons for the hypothyroidism epidemic are (1) most of our environmental pollutants are environmental endocrine disruptors (EEDs), meaning they make a beeline to glands and destroy them. How to get rid of them begins in Detoxify Or Die. Your exposure possibilities are huge, ranging from the mercury hidden in high fructose corn syrup, which is in most processed foods, to the phthalates from plastic water bottles, to heavy metals like aluminum in our foodwraps, juice boxes, cans and foil, coffee machines, baking powders and drinking water, plus the pesticides that permeate our foods (especially Roundup's glyphosate in GMO foods like corn and soy plus wheat, etc.), and much more. For don't forget even the fluoride in your toothpaste and stain resistant carpet and Teflon cookware damages the thyroid's iodine...

...And I know you will find it hard to believe but I have rarely even seen an endocrinologist check the levels of even iodine, which is absolutely necessary for the thyroid gland. And this is in spite of documented evidence of epidemic deficiencies. One Iodoral a day could literally cure many people. And then if the endocrinologist does not assay RBC selenium, he'll never see that the person needed Chelated Selenium in order to convert inactive T4 thyroid hormone (or his Rx Synthroid or levothyroxine) into the active thyroid hormone T-3. So, it does no good. They're still fat, tired, depressed and losing memory.

Endocrine Toxins

Another sign of a dangerous endocrinologist is if he doesn't check your Cardio/ION to see whether you already have an elevated quinolinate (a sign of silent brain deterioration), or doesn't determine whether you are in the top quintile for zinc (needed to repair the quinolinate by making the active form of vitamin B6, which is critical in this pathway, P5P), plus assay your other brain-restoring nutrients like DHA, RBC selenium, etc., or to see if you have elevated D-arabinitol, kynurenate, mercury, cadmium, etc., or if you have interference fields from implants or root canals or areas that need the 5 powders, or need Lithium Orotate, and an infusion of electrons in order for you to heal your gland, gut and brain. For they are all integrated.