Dr. Sherry Rogers: Tips to Manage Heart Disease

Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

"Having low levels of vitamin D and low free testosterone more than doubles the risk for death by heart disease. Unfortunately, these are among the many examples where commercial labs have the wrong cut-off for normal. The values are antiquated and reflect the average person, who lives on processed fast foods and drugs, believes everything the doctor tells them, never reads a health book, and has no idea of their pivotal role in controlling their own health. The erroneous normal of 30 ng/ dL is used for vitamin D and 6.64 free testosterone. Make sure your D is over 80 and your testosterone is over 20 ng/ dL (take D3 10,000 5 days a week and 25 mg DHEA as common doses, see past TW)."

Combat the Effects of Acetaminophen

"Tylenol has been shown to create damage to your body, such as kidney cancers, liver and kidney failure, brain fog from damaged detoxification, and even heart muscle necrosis. So what can you do to protect yourself if you decide to use acetaminophen in product such as Tylenol, Excedrin, Midol, Theraflu, Alka Seltzer Plus, NyQuil Cold and Flu, or prescription Vicodin or Percocet? Many of the things you have learned about here in TW help detoxify the drug, so that it is not as damaging. Start with your Detox Cocktail or even your detox enema (in Wellness Against All Odds). Kyolic Liquid, Recancostat, NAC, PC Powder, Super Milk Thistle X, Theracurmin, etc. are just a few of the many detoxifiers and antioxidants that can help not only decrease the toxicity of this drug, but also help with the very symptoms that you may be taking Tylenol for."

Artery Calcification Prevention

"It's unmistakable that the coronary calcium score is one of the best predictors of the #1 cause of death. But sadly, it's not used nearly as much as it should be or could be. One reason is that when it was introduced 25 years ago they found that statins didn't do anything for it. So it was not promoted as it should be. But, studies suggest that special nutrients like Kyolic Liquid have immensely slowed down the progression of calcification in the coronary and other arteries. And as you learned in 2012-15 TW, you can do much more to actually reverse this calcification."

Chronic Diseases Caused by Plastics

"Phthalates or plastics which are now unavoidably ubiquitous and have stealthily changed the chemistry of the human body so dramatically that they are proven potent causes of every chronic disease epidemic, from diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, heart diseases, cancers, low testosterone, hypothyroidism, and much more. Because they permeate every aspect of our lives, phthalates have now become the #1 pollutant in the human body. As a result, they promote steadily snowballing drug use. The body can get rid of phthalates and other toxins in sweat, but folks can get into trouble by not knowing all the facts and having a healthy detox system. For without it, they can actually make themselves worse. For folks with very few deficiencies and toxicities, something as simple as Arginine Powder and Magnesium Powder can act just like Viagra, but without the side effects of sudden death."

One Nutrient Lowers the Risk of Prostate Problems 5-fold

"Over a decade-and-a-half ago in the government's Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers showed that men with the highest concentration of gamma tocopherol in the top quintiles, not the bottom which are still considered "normal," had a 5-fold lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who had low normal levels. But, what I'd like to know is where are the family docs, internists, and urologists who should be measuring gamma tocopherol and prescribing it? In fact, one state (NY) does not even allow the gamma tocopherol assay on your Cardio/ Ion. They make the lab leave it out, along with many other proven crucial assays. Meanwhile, for those precious men in your life make sure that they have one Gamma Tocopherol daily, along with their E Gems Elite and 1-2 Tocotrienols."

Vanadium for Blood Sugar Balance

"Vanadium as an insulin imitator and is crucial for reversing diabetes. But, it is only effective if you use the right type. The sulfate form of vanadium has been known for decades to be ineffective, but many companies still make and sell it. That's why we have recommended in the past TW chelated Vanadium Krebs one a day."