Dr. Sherry Rogers: Time to Detox?

"And never underestimate the power of the many heavy metals and other toxins that damage brain function. Begin with Detoxify or Die and then go right to The High Blood Pressure Hoax. There is no substitute for getting the plasticizers and heavy metals and other toxins out of the body. You can even start simply with hydrogen. If you suspect the gut is the problem, start with the easier protocol in chapter 4 of How to Cure Diabetes before resorting to the more detailed book on restoring health, No More Heartburn.

And if you are at an utter loss, then either have your doctor order your hormones beginning bare minimum with a free T3, TBG, the 3 thyroid antibodies, a sensitive TSH and a DHEA-S. If he won't do it, there are many websites where you can order your own tests. If you have chronic arthritis, read Pain Free in 6 Weeks for starters. Do whatever it takes to get yourself out of trouble, because as you can see, nobody else is going to do it for you."

Excerpt from October 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Finding Hormone Balance "The next way to change the ratio of estrogens is with two each twice a day of IndolPlex and Calcium D-Glucarate. IndolPlex duplicates some of the brassica chemistry while Calcium D-Glucarate stops the gut reversal of the detoxification process, glucuronidation. Translation? It makes sure that the major detoxification pathway for these estrogens performs optimally and is not inhibited by other bowel factors. Don't forget glucuronidation is not only extremely important in protecting against the bad estrogen, but two other factors in our modern world make it even more crucial: 1) most environmental chemicals are EEDs or environmental endocrine disruptors. In other words, they mimic the actions of the bad estrogens. 2) Our daily onslaught of the number-one pollutant in the human body, the phthalates or plasticizers, use up or deplete the glucuronidation detoxification pathways big-time...There is much more that you need to know in the latest book, How to Cure Diabetes (you have learned to ignore the titles, as I never leave anyone out)."

Don't Forget When You Heal One Thing, You Heal Many

"As opposed to drugs, which actually create new side effects and symptoms, healing with nutrients has multiple beneficial or good side effects. For example, the main fatty acid in Cod Liver Oil, DHA, has not only improved fatty liver disease (NASH or NAFLD), but it also improved metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, as well as Alzheimer's, heart disease, and more. In fact, numerous studies also show that folks with higher levels of DHA have far fewer cancers as well as any other diseases.

It's no surprise that DHA, as an example of just one nutrient, helps all diseases. For why shouldn't it since it's the #1 fatty acid in all cell membranes as well as in the mitochondrial membranes where energy is made, #1 in the brain, plus in the endoplasmic reticulum (detox membranes). In fact, you can't heal any disease without adequate levels of DHA. Yet when I review readers' records from around the world, from some of the most high-profile medical clinics, I don't see assays for DHA. So how would anyone know they were low? That's just one more reason why you definitely want to get your cardio/ION with an expert interpretation (I've given you many details in past TW on how to test a doc to see if he qualifies). But don't forget that PC Powder is one of several crucial anchors for DHA, enabling it to flip-flop and provide the plasticity (flexibility) that is missing in the chemistry of all diseases, including Alzheimer's. Use the 8 forms of real vitamin E to protect this membrane chemistry. For this is exactly how many people have healed mysterious disease with just the most rudimentary membrane repair of a tablespoon of Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil (in a glass), a heaping teaspoon each of PC Powder and Glycine Powder, a Chelated Zinc, and one each of E Gems Elite, and Gamma E Gems plus 2 Tocotrienols."

The Multifunctional Vitamin D

"Vitamin D differentiates cells, stopping their stem cell production. Clearly from past TW, you can't heal any disease without adequate levels of vitamin D, including heart disease, high blood pressure, recurrent infections, depression, bone diseases, kidney disease, etc. As you see from the references, much of this has been known for over two decades. And vitamin D doesn't work just by inhibiting mesenchymal or stem cell transformation. For God's biochemistry also uses vitamin D to pull off multiple other mechanisms that we have detailed in previous TW."