Dr. Sherry Rogers: Nutrients for Brain Health

How to Heal the Heart After a Heart Attack

"Over three decades ago, scientists over the world knew that if a patient had a sudden heart attack that giving nutrients such as L-carnitine made a dramatic reduction in the heart arrhythmias in the following days, especially the most lethal type from which most do not survive—ventricular arrhythmias. Yet to this day, it is not even measured much less given. If you have not devoured 2011- 2015 TW, be sure you do. For these have the evidence for the Five-Powder Cocktail that you must use when you are recovering from a heart attack. It is especially important because the current stents are coated with chemotherapy, which actually kills heart tissue."

So How Do We Protect the Brain Against MSG Brain Damage?

"Although protection against MSG's brain damage requires the orchestration of a multitude of nutrients, there's one nutrient that stands out in protecting the brain's calcium channels against glutamate damage that leads to slow braincell death. And it especially protects the brain in the area that is responsible for recent and daily memory, the hippocampus. So what nutrient is this? It is the simple amino acid taurine. Some of you may already be using Taurine Powder 500-1,000 mg as outlined in 2011-15 TW as part of your five powders to repair the damage to your heart after a heart attack or stent. But if not, make sure you include Glycine Powder along with your taurine to augment its performance. Start with 500-1,000 mg each daily."

DHA to Boost Your Brain

"In six months (this nutrient) doubled the reduction in errors on a test that measures learning and memory performance. It was equivalent to making the person's brain three years younger. In yet another study of folks age 65-94, those who had the highest amount of DHA had a 60% reduction in Alzheimer's. And you have seen in past TW issues that the benefits of this medical nutrient are not restricted to the brain. The nutrient DHA is docasohexanenoic acid. So don't be scared off by that term (and I'll just use the abbreviation). You have seen it measured on your Cardio/ Ion and you take it in your Lemon Flavor Cod Liver Oil. But you can get even more by taking it twice a week either as Carlson's Super DHA Gems containing 500 mg of DHA with 100 mg EPA or Cala DHA, containing 500 mg of DHA and 50 mg EPA. Do you have impaired pancreatic function compromising your absorption of DHA? Taking 1-2 Digestive Aid #34 with the meal that contains DHA can improve its absorption."

Build a Cell-Membrane Sandwich

"Plus, don't forget that you can have the best oil in the world, but if you don't have the "bread" of the cell membrane sandwich, namely PC Powder, plus ALC Powder to move the fatty acids into the cell membrane, plus the eight forms of protective vitamin E (2014-15), then taking anything, regardless of how good it is, becomes futile. As for the reports where cardiologists like to tell you of patients who died when they went off Plavix, remember these are folks guided by the same cardiologist who recommended no healing diets, no detoxification, and no nutrient repairs. And recall if you want to test his knowledge (his ability to help you heal), just casually ask what he uses tocotrienols for. Recall tocotrienols are safer than statins and naturally lower cholesterol without poisoning the gene or creating Alzheimer's Disease. Use two, twice daily."