Dr. Sherry Rogers: Nutrients for Brain Function

"You saw in the High Blood Pressure Hoax, as one example, how if someone does have magnesium deficiency symptoms, such as high blood pressure, the first medication prescribed is usually a diuretic. But, this drug lowers magnesium even further. Yet the doctor and the patient think nothing of the fact that he soon needs another medication to control his blood pressure, which keeps (mysteriously) escalating. Yet as you learned in the book, his pressure problem could be cured and without medication. And he'd be a lot healthier for it. Because the next category of blood pressure medication prescribed could be a calcium channel blocker, (Norvasc, diltiazem, Calan, etc.) known to shrink the brain in five years and rot intellect. But you are supposed to lose your faculties as you get older, so it's blamed on age…

And you saw in The Cholesterol Hoax, how the statin prescriptions like Lipitor lead to diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer's, depleted vitamin E and selenium levels, damage to the tau protein in the brain needed for new memory, and even causing sudden amnesia leading to bizarre accidents. Yet the natural Tocotrienols, which are 50% of real vitamin E, are also HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. In other words, they work in the same place that statins do, but without causing all the damage statins guarantee."

Avoiding Statins

"You saw in The Cholesterol Hoax how nutrients like Tocotrienols work on the very same enzyme that the statins do, yet without creating Alzheimer's, sudden amnesia, heart disease, diabetes, or cancers like the statins can. It also turns out that Vitamin D3 works on that same enzyme to lower cholesterol. It always amazes me how medicine manages to ignore decades of research when it comes to fixing what is broken and bypassing drugs."

Reverse your Alzheimer's Gene

"If you have been told you have the gene for Alzheimer's and that there's nothing you can do, find a doctor who reads. It's clear that even DHA (docosahexanenoic acid, part of your cod liver oil) prevents the Alzheimer's apoE4 gene from creating Alzheimer's. And, there's much more to that story. In the meantime, one Super DHA three times a week or every two to three days is good insurance. Since EPA conversion to DHA in your body is poisoned by our unprecedented overload of phthalates (such as plasticizers from water bottles, plastic wrap, Styrofoam cups, furnishings, and construction materials) detoxify it with Detoxify or Die protocols."

And More Brain Nutrients…

"As just a smattering of some of the many important facts researchers have found over the last few decades, 60% of the fatty acids in the membranes of the brain consist of DHA—docosahexanoic acid. You remember this is part of cod liver oil. It easily crosses the brain barrier. But, remember the membrane sandwich must have phosphatidylcholine to anchor DHA. DHA has been found to have many effects such as: 1) making new nerves, 2) new receptors for the neurotransmitters of happy mood and memory, 3) making the membranes fluid, and of course 4) decreasing the risk of Alzheimer's as well as loss of memory and other brain functions. Obviously, the best results are when people have these levels corrected before they have symptoms. The next best results are if they treat themselves as soon as they recognize symptoms, rather than waiting until they get worse. DHA clearly restores function in the hippocampus, our main memory brain center…Many studies have shown that there are abnormally low levels of DHA in Alzheimer's brains…A good start for reversing brain aging is the Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil, one TBS daily the first month, then reduced to every other day, Super DHA three times a week, a teaspoon of PC Powder daily, along with the eight forms of E (at least one E Gems Elite, Gamma E Gems, and SuperBio Tocotrienols), and one or two phosphatidylserine (PS-100) twice a day. Of course, you also want one to two Optimized Curcumin as well as Germanium, a Lutein, 10,000 vitamin D3, 500 mg of ALC Powder and 200 mg of R-Lipoic Acid (recall in TW years ago the studies by Ames, Hagan, et al., where ALC, lipoic, and other nutrients restored old age memory loss)."