Dr. Sherry Rogers: Be Mindful of Prostate Health

"Even with an ultrasound-guided biopsy, which is the standard of care, the modern prostate biopsy misses up to 28% (more than 1 in 4) of prostate disease. As you learned in previous issues, you're been grossly cheated if you haven't even had an assay for the percentage of free PSA, along with an RBC selenium, zinc, etc. They have diminished your chance of healing if you haven't even been recommended Tocotrienols, etc. (see TW for referenced nutrients that stop prostate cancer growth). Please devour the last 10 years of TW, especially since after age 70 (the standard decade of death) doctors recommend you don't even look for prostate disease. Why? They think you'll be dead within a few years, and even sooner if you have a "comorbidity" (another disease as well)."

Sulfur for Disease Reversal & Organ Rescue

"As well as creating electrons, sulfur is a buffer, a detoxifier, and more importantly, it repairs leaky cell membranes. And crucial to your survival, sulfur's charge makes red blood cells (RBC) flexible so they can squeeze through smaller capillaries. This is the only way we can deliver oxygen, nutrients, and electrons to the cells in all of our organs. For remember, the average RBC is bigger than the average diameter of a capillary (the smallest vessels that deliver nutrients to cells and links the arterial to venous circulations). If the RBC is unable to squeeze itself down, it's useless.

In fact, when the winter 8 AM temperatures drop into the 40s, I am usually in a tee shirt while my colleagues keep their jackets and earmuffs on. But worse, at the end of the tennis match, the handshake reveals extremely cold hands while mine are hot. Having seen thousands of Cardio/IONs from a variety of walks of life and continents, I'm convinced it is partly because the red cell membranes are choked with trans fats and phthalates, Hg-HFCS, PFOA, GMO, etc., and starving for the omega-3s, PC Powder, the 8 forms E, etc. All these are needed to make the red blood cell small and flexible enough to squeeze into the most minute capillaries to deliver the oxygen, electrons, and vasodilating nutrients, like magnesium.

But remember, several of the enzymes that help with sulfur, such as sulfite oxidase require molybdenum. So, if you are not on a Moly B at least a couple of times a week and have not caught up with the other supporting nutrients for mitochondrial repair spelled out in How To Cure Diabetes and the last few years of TW, then I would suggest you not get into the sulfur. If you are not prepared with enough knowledge, you could make yourself worse."

DHEA to Correct Stress

"Stress and nutrient deficiencies continually challenge our adrenal stress glands. Plus, the majority of our over 8,000 daily untested toxins are EEDs (environmental endocrine disruptors). They target glands like the thyroid, breast, prostate, ovaries, testicles, pancreas, and adrenal. A simple test is to measure your adrenal levels or see how you feel with 1-10 drops of DHEA in DMSO, since one drop equals 5 mg of DHEA. Start with one drop under the tongue daily. Then, every 3-4 days increase by one drop. This can tide you over until you repair the adrenal gland, its deficiencies, toxins, carrier proteins, and its receptors."

Diabetes Can be a Precursor to Alzheimer's Disease

"Most folks know that diabetes can lead to damage of eye vessels, which then morphs into cataracts and glaucoma. Also, most know it leads to earlier heart disease and arteriosclerosis, including other nasty vascular sequelae, such as nonhealing leg ulcers, gangrene, and even amputations. And of course, diabetics are more prone to all sorts of other vascular degenerative diseases like cancers. Plus, diabetes leads to kidney damage requiring lifelong renal dialysis, which then loads you with aluminum that can produce Alzheimer's disease.

But, the whole process of vascular decay of diabetes actually contributes to Alzheimer's, making diabetes a precursor to Alzheimer's. For the very process of diabetes is merely an acceleration of vascular aging. And as you learned this month, the blood vessels make electrons that determine healing or death. But, Alzheimer's brain destruction is a composite of not only vascular damage, but also includes damaged mitochondrial membranes, undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies, hidden toxicities, intestinal dysbiosis, and other causes that go undetected and uncorrected in "modern" medicine's management of diabetes. In fact, guidelines call it "management" rather than treatment. And they definitely do not call it a "cure", because that's not their focus (other missing causes are in TW 2015-18).

Since the mitochondria are the tiny organelles inside our cells where the energy for healing and life itself is made, you should at least start with repairing those. You must understand that even though mitochondria create the electrons and energy that we call life, they also create harmful oxidants or reactive oxygen species that need to be neutralized with antioxidants. Much of this is detailed in How To Cure Diabetes. But, for starters, since Alzheimer's damage goes even beyond that of diabetes by making damaging amyloid protein and neurofibrillary tangles, make sure that you are taking what I call "amyloid eaters", i.e. the nutrients that discourage amyloid (TW 2011-18).

Lithium Orotate is one such nutrient. I would suggest one a day for life. DHA is another. But, since you are already going to be repairing your mitochondrial and cellular membranes with Cod Liver Oil, you may only need an extra Super DHA a few times a week. Top-quality is crucial, since you are feeding the brain. I can't check every company, but I've identified the best ones in my current opinion."