Dr. Sherry Rogers: Is Your Cardiologist Clueless?

Stay Away from Statins

"Overwhelming evidence shows that statins are one of the biggest mistakes ever made in the history of modern medicine. You cannot poison the chemistry of the brain and every cell membrane in every organ without serious consequences. Statins are a known cause of sudden amnesia, which is a major threat everywhere from highways and skyways to operating room suites. And not only do statins increase diabetes, cancers, unnecessary fractures, and other chronic diseases, but statins also are a major cause of our Alzheimer's epidemic."

How to Diagnose the Clueless Cardiologist

"Needless to say, most researchers are clueless about the actions of tocotrienols, 4 of the 8 parts of "real" vitamin E, which include being HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. Translation? Tocotrienols work on exactly the same liver enzyme that statins poison in order to lower cholesterol levels, but without the side effect— since they don't damage the controlling liver gene. Plus, the Ornish program, Niacin Time, Kyolic, and other proofs we've given you have actually stalled or reversed coronary calcium score. Clearly using statins is like shooting the messenger (it's a band-aid). And recall real vitamin E includes 4 tocotrienols which were not included in this study.

Clearly you should ask your cardiologist if he is aware that tocotrienols regulate the same cholesterol enzyme that statins do, but without poisoning it or its gene and without all of the side effects of statins. As well, tocotrienols modulate the pro-BNP that you learned about in 2015 TW that is part of the control for salt sensitive hypertension, hypoxia (low oxygen) that creates metastasis, heart failure, and much more. We don't need statins for good health, but we do need tocotrienols…

The longer someone is on statins and they are usually prescribed for life, the more they can guarantee brain rot. Fortunately, you know how to stand by your convictions based on knowledge and how to make yourself too smart to fail. Start with The Cholesterol Hoax, then Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, followed by How to Cure Diabetes, and Detoxify or Die."

Magnesium-Depleting Medications

"How do we get so deficient in magnesium? Processing of foods in factories and overcooking are some of the top dietary reasons. And then of course the FDA makes sure that you can lower your magnesium by making Nexium and Prilosec (omeprazole) available over the counter—formerly available only with a prescription. Now that their patents have worn off they are magically safe enough for nonprescription use. Whereas, when they were high-priced patented medications they were governed by prescription. Go figure! And of course many other medications also deplete or use up magnesium, as do alcohol, sweating, stress, sweets, etc."

"…PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin that you learned about in more detail in the past TW has been shown to make damaged cells commit suicide, stop metastases, be anti-inflammatory, and more. In fact, if galectin is elevated it triples mortality or death. But again, if the doctor interpreting it is not reading TW he will not know that you have a 15% increase in mortality if you're in the top quintile of "normal" versus 3%, a five times lower death rate if you are in the bottom quintile [of galectin test]."

Eat Your Greens!

"The Brassica or cruciferous vegetables, as they are sometimes called, include cauliflower, collard, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, mizuna, cilantro, cabbages (red & green), radishes, turnips, rutabaga, bok-choy, Chinese cabbage, and more. God protects you with a multitude of foods.

Organic baby kale is now available in most groceries and it takes less than five minutes to steam it in the morning to accompany your eggs or porridge so that you start the day with one green Brassica vegetable. Then you can have cabbage salad with your lunch and another Brassica with dinner.

Folks who warn that they are goitrogens, can trigger thyroid goiter, are usually the same ones who don't check iodine, zinc, and selenium levels to repair the gland nor do they check fatty acids to repair the thyroid receptors in the cell membrane (fuller explanation in 2015 TW).

…One of the main parts of Brassica vegetables that are responsible for their potent control of genes is called indole-3-carbinol. And yes, it's in nutrients like IndolPlex. But to my way of thinking there can be no improvement over God's chemistry in food."