Dr. Sherry Rogers: How to Avoid Heat-Related Illness

When it's incredibly hot outside, athletes (from professionals to weakened weekend warriors) are subject to heat prostration. This can vary from cramps to nausea and vomiting or weakness and dizziness. You know from previous TW that the cramps are usually lack of magnesium, while the dizziness can be a lack of anything from ribose, B1, or arginine to zinc, and much more. But the nausea actually mimics gut and has been proven with leaky gut tests before and after marathon events. Yet just as L-glutamine can help heal the leaky gut, it also can prevent the nausea while improving athletic performance, the dose of L-Glutamine Powder will vary per person. So you might start with 3g before a race or match. Later you could double or triple that dose, but don't use continuously, to avoid over-stimulation of brain glutamine receptors.

Caring for Cell Membranes

Every cell membrane has as its most important component a chemical called a glycerol phospholipid. These molecules have a saturated fatty acid on one end and unsaturated fatty acid on the other end. We need specific amounts of all of these oils as well as the sulfur and electrons in 2018 TW. But we also need the anchors and hinges for the fats, PC, PS, and Glycine Powders. Also contrary to what folks may envision these molecules in the body are in continual motion. So, all the nutrients need to be of topquality so they can resonate, flipflop, oscillate, gyrate, and in other words do the dance of life. Many poor quality and cheap nutrients are motionless and useless.

Mitochondrial Support

Don't let anyone tell you "there's no known cause and no known treatment". Regardless of whether it is common, like fatty liver or more obscure, like motor neuron disease, an underlying cause for chronic disease is the inability to make new cells to replace the old damaged ones. Regardless of diagnostic label, repair begins with the mitochondria and gut, detailed in How To Cure Diabetes. Essential nutrients include PC Powder (phosphatidyl choline), Chelated Manganese (in your mitochondrial SOD detox enzyme, not to be confused with magnesium), and the 8 forms of E. Then refer to TW 2015-18 on how to boost the electrons needed for healing.

The Debate Over Cod Liver Oil

Unfortunately, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has now gone even further overboard and bashed cod liver oil. As you recall that contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexanenoic acid), the most important fatty acids for all of the electricity of every nerve and all cells in the brain. Without adequate levels, brain function becomes abnormal. And the reason they gave in JAMA for advising folks not to use cod liver oil? Because the studies they cited showed it didn't help reduce the risk of coronary disease. And they shouldn't have helped, because the researchers made huge mistakes. They used startlingly inferior forms and doses and treated it as if it were a solo drug. They were too ignorant to realize that God's molecular biochemistry is an orchestration, and that Cod Liver Oil doesn't work without its anchors, like Phosphatidyl Choline Powder, Glycine Powder, Beta-12, and PS 100, as examples, nor its guard dogs, the eight forms of real vitamin E. While the studies used inferior quality oils, wrong very low doses, they never even assayed the fatty acids. And they certainly did not look at the total load.

7 Parts of Real Vitamin E

Gamma tocopherol and the tocotrienols are crucial for staving off heart disease, Alzheimer's, salt sensitive hypertension, damaged telomeres, and more. That's why studies using high doses of "vitamin E" have increased deaths. It merely highlights the ignorance of the researchers. For by using only alpha tocopherol, these researchers have actually created diseases and deaths by lowering the other harmoniously necessary 7 parts of real vitamin E. Anyone stupid enough to take mere "vitamin E" doesn't know that they would be better off taking nothing. And that's why in other studies where they used lower doses like 400 IU or less, they had better results with people because they hadn't suppressed so many of the remaining 7 parts of real vitamin E. For real, complete, 8-part vitamin E is one of the greatest antioxidants needed for protecting all cell membranes. It acts like the guard dog of the cell membrane. That means it protects the innards of the cell by neutralizing toxins when they arrive at the membrane surface. It keeps the everyday toxins from damaging the inside of your cells, which include your genes, telomeres (gene tails that control life span) cytokines, oodles of detox pathways, and more. Your best protection to provide all 8 parts of real, natural vitamin E on a daily basis is one each of E Gems Elite and Gamma E Gems, plus 2 Tocotrienols. Meanwhile, researchers damning vitamin E don't even realize how they have created the cancers that they blamed on their synthetic E. In their publications, they have unknowingly broadcasted their biochemical ignorance to the world.

Healing the Gut

Obviously, the best thing to do is to restore the gut chemistry to normal so that the body no longer has the need to make protective zonulin. That involves the oil change that we described in Detoxify or Die. That would include starting today with a tablespoon of Carlson's Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil, a teaspoon of PC Powder, the eight forms of E (see 2018 TW), and the diet changes we talked about in the last 5 years of TW. While healing the gut, you will need to cut way back on the other oils, especially fried foods, too much coconut oil that I frequently see literally choking folks' membranes, and especially the grocery store soybean and corn oils. And the latter GMO oils also carry the toxic weed killer, Roundup, which can create leaky gut all by itself.