Dr. Sherry Rogers: How DHA Supports Brain Health

DHA for Making New Brain Cells

Slow loss of recent memory means you are no longer making new brain chemistry. But, folks incorrectly assume they are okay because they can remember things from long ago, but they already made memories for those events when they had enough nutrients to do so. The brain has to continually make new cells to replace the old worn-out ones, called neurogenesis, with one of the most important ingredients, DHA or docosahexaenoic acid, which is part of your cod liver oil. However, many people do not convert enough EPA to DHA, nor are they able to move it into their brain cells. It's because the #1 environmental pollutant, plastics (phthalates), damage both of these paths. One way to circumvent that is to take one extra Super DHA three times a week, in addition to your regular Cod Liver Oil, ALC Powder, and PC Powder (TW 2013–16).

Fight Off Infection with Vitamin D3

Most of the voluminous records I've gone through with readers on the phone regarding other infections, like chronic Lyme disease as an example, show that no one has looked at the basic chemistry of fighting off infections, such as even having a rudimentary proper level of vitamin D (not the ridiculously archaic "normal" and commercial lab reports), RBC selenium, iodine, etc. We have found with hundreds of cardio/IONs and commercial lab vitamin D tests that most folks required 10,000 I.U. of vitamin D3 Monday through Friday to keep them at the best therapeutic levels, between 80-100 ng/mL.

Detox Defense

Still your best toxin defense is to keep in mind the basics you have learned over the years. First of all, keep your daily detoxification regimes going. That could include your detox cocktail (or make your own with 800 mg of Recancostat and your dose of Vitamin C Powder that doesn't give you diarrhea) with the addition of two-three R-Lipoic Acid. For remember, R-Lipoic Acid is crucial for detoxifying lethal mycotoxins. And it would be a good idea to add one each of Super Siliphos, Blueberry Extract, and Optimized Curcumin to raise antioxidant (ORAC) values. What easy solutions to such a deadly problem. And don't forget to do a weekly detox enema (Wellness Against All Odds) and as many far infrared saunas as you can fit into a week (Detoxify Or Die). For never forget, we are the most toxic humans ever to inhabit the planet earth. Therefore, we have to continually detox to stay ahead of our daily disease producing accumulations.

Negative Affects of Excess Sugar

Excess sugars, especially after a meal and even more importantly before bed, increase heart damage risk by multiple mechanisms. For starters, sugar increases lipid peroxidation and ADMA, which lower nitric oxide (see the book all about blood vessel health, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, if you don't know what we are talking about). And you know you want to improve nitric oxide (NO) because that is your own nitroglycerin that you make in your blood vessels to relax and dilate them as well as decrease the chance of clots.

In fact, you've learned that nutrients like Kyolic Liquid, Optimize Curcumin, Beet Powder, and Arginine Powder can also help improve your synthesis of vessel dilating nitric oxide. And yet another way is by supplementing with gamma tocopherol, as in one gamma E Gems. My favorite way to get all eight parts of vitamin E is to use one of these along with one E Gems Elite and two Tocotrienols before bed.

And this combination does a lot more than just boost your vasodilating nitric oxide. For gamma tocopherol has greater anti-inflammatory activity than alpha-tocopherol, which is all you're getting if a product merely says "vitamin E." Furthermore, just taking "vitamin E" (alpha-tocopherol) actually lowers the gamma tocopherol.

And, if that were not enough, don't forget from the references that Candida makes acetaldehyde, chloral hydrate, and other metabolites that can create brain fog. But, if you don't have enough zinc, molybdenun, magnesium, phosphatidylcholine, etc., then you can't overcome these brain damaging metabolites. Furthermore, GMO foods' inherent pesticides damage the intestinal lining creating leaky gut, which can bring on auto immune diseases where the body attacks its own tissues. These include diagnoses like MS, ALS, Parkinson's, lupus, motor neuron disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, etc. Or GMO foods, undiagnosed food allergies, and intestinal dysbiosis (abnormal bugs that don't belong in the gut) can bring on new allergies, such as a sudden nightshade sensitivity creating arthritis. But, who thinks that their arthritis can be totally cured by eliminating a food that never bothered them before and that they have every day (details in Pain Free In Six Weeks and more in subsequent TW)?

The Dangers of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Remember, Nexium plus over-thecounter omeprazole and Prilosec are what are called proton pump inhibitors. Just look at all the research that shows how damaging they are to the human body, yet the FDA considers them safe enough for non-prescription use. For starters, they increase your chances of having irritable bowel, diarrhea, gut infections, pneumonia, low magnesium, etc. And Nexium costs eight times more than the OTC and is more toxic. Any guy prescribing them obviously hasn't read No More Heartburn so he can cure your GERD. Instead to prescribe Nexium shows he's utterly clueless about how to heal you. And even worse that he's going to make you snowball into multiple other potentially lethal medical problems. He is a clear danger to your health and doesn't even know it.