Dr. Sherry Rogers: How to Make a Detox Cocktail

Detox Cocktail

"In terms of accidental exposures that tip you over, the quicker you do your Detox Cocktail (Detoxify Or Die) and the detox enema (Wellness Against All Odds) the quicker you can get out of a reaction. That means less damage will be done to your system. And in terms of elasticity loss, you now understand that our cell membranes are continually gyrating in the dance of life. If they have the wrong (or cheap) fatty acids in them and are not flexible, but instead are stiff, they cannot oscillate or resonate to the tune of life. This elasticity depends on Cod Liver Oil and phosphatidyl choline (PC Powder) and you've learned that is your first step in membrane repair."

How to Compensate for Loss of Electrons that Create all Disease

"Okay, you've heard me say that there are only 2 causes for all disease: the nutrient levels go down and the toxicity levels go up. And, there's only 1 cause of death: we run out of electrons to make new cells. Finally, medicine is catching up for they have realized that when one of the lipid fragments, the low density lipoprotein (LDL on your laboratory reports), becomes toxic it's only because it has lost electrons. They have actually been burned off by toxic substances in your blood. It could be anything that you've learned about in the past from the plasticizers (phthalates), Teflon in your cookware (PFOA), mercury in your corn syrup (high fructose corn syrup), or other unavoidable 21st century toxins that are in all of us. Other toxins include pesticides, fire retardants (PBDEs that are actually legislated into our mattresses by government, even though they've been proven as a cause of brain deterioration), auto and industrial incinerator exhausts, etc. You can find more information on how the cause and cure begins in The E.I. Syndrome, Detoxify Or Die, Tired Or Toxic?, etc.

The best solution? What you need is something that donates electrons to make the LDL lipid stable again, so that it does not create disease by stealing electrons from your cells. As you have learned in the last few years here, antioxidants like 150 Mg of Germanium, BioSil, Optimized Curcumin, Kyolic, Super Siliphos, Blueberry Extract, and many others are capable of donating electrons to put out the fires of inflammation. Many of you have learned that there are many other ways to get good electrons."

Nutrients for Cataracts

"As we've also referenced in previous years, nutrients such as Lutein, DHA, Phosphatidyl Choline Powder, Optimized Curcumin, Germanium, BioSil, and more are crucial for protection of the eye—mainly by donating electrons. For remember, the eye has one of the fastest turnovers. We make new cells every couple of days for the eyes (as opposed to weeks for many other types of cells). This means you need a steady supply of healing electrondonating nutrients almost daily."

DHEA for Adrenal Support

"If that were not enough of a problem, much of the time when the thyroid function has been damaged, so has the function of the adrenals and that has to be addressed. Toxins that are environmental endocrine disruptors (EED) don't just attack 1 gland. Likewise, conventional tests are inferior for determining sufficiency of adrenal hormone. Obviously in a short treatise like this, I'm not going to cover all the diagnostic and treatment options for healing the thyroid, the thyroid binding globulin, membrane receptors, and complementary glands like the adrenals. But for starters, you might want to begin with something as simple as a natural source of DHEA 25 mg, along with the prescription Armour Thyroid trial that you have convinced your physician to prescribe."

Protect Cells When Losing Weight

"Fat is a repository of the chemicals that cause all disease. For example, the phthalates of plastics that leach out of plastic water bottles, your computer, home furnishings, and/or construction materials can create any chronic disease from heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis, to cancer and more. The storage tank for toxins is fat. So when you diet, you also need to complete the protocols in Detoxify Or Die and Wellness Against All Odds to get these chemicals out of the body as they get mobilized by your weight reduction. In other words, once toxins come out of the fat they still have to get out of your body. The protocols in those 2 books will help you complete the detoxification, moving the toxins out of the body. And don't neglect the membrane repair of your brain in How To Cure Diabetes, then 2015- 17 TW. For starters, your "hippo" craves DHA. When you start on a weight reduction program, it would be wise to have Super DHA (2 to 3 a week) and 1 teaspoon of PC Powder daily—until you catch up on the rest of the protocols, so that you replace the lost fat with the best chemistry for happy mood and memory."