Dr Sherry Rogers: Consider the Impact of Diabetes Meds

Leading Diabetes Drop Damages Mitochondria

"Metformin is the leading diabetes drug, but unfortunately has many rarely recognized side effects. One is it lowers B12 which can lead to depression, fatigue, memory loss, bizarre neurologic symptoms of either numbness or pain, elevated homocysteine, and more. And of course, that chemistry also leads to Alzheimer's and arteriosclerosis, the #1 killer. If that were not enough, metformin actually damages the mitochondria where energy is created. Recall from 2013-2019 TW that most all disease begins with damaged mitochondria which then morphs into inflammation and chronicity. You are much better off curing the diabetes starting with the correct levels of Chelated Zinc, Chelated Selenium, PC Powder, Beta-12, etc. and more as detailed in How to Cure Diabetes."

Think Twice If You're on Diabetes Meds

"A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that one particular classification of diabetes drugs (which accounts for over a quarter of the new diabetes medication types) does not lower the death rate at all. In fact, taking this category of drug was no better than having no treatment whatsoever. Plus, this category of drug increased your chance of painful pancreatitis. And an extra bargain is that it increased heart failure, which as you recall is more deadly than most cancers, since it kills quicker, on average in 5 years versus 6 years for cancers. And of course, there were many other side effects, not to mention cost. First, I'll give you the dizzying brand names of this first drug category. They include Nesina, Tradjenta, Onglyza, Kazano, Jentadueto, Kombiglyze, Janument, and Oseni. And of course there are just as many generic names, but they all pretty much end in the suffix "-glyphin". So now you can tell if you are on the category of diabetes drugs (abbreviated DDP-4 type drugs). And when researchers examined the effects of the other two major categories of new diabetes drugs (Byetta Trulicity, Invokament, etc.), there was increased hypoglycemia, which of course is never good for your brain as well as other side effects including prostatitis, and more. Plus, they did not reduce the rate of (non-fatal) heart attacks, nor the rate of (non-fatal) strokes, nor the rate of heart failure. In fact, none of the three categories of new diabetes drugs reduce the rate of strokes. Oh, and by the way, if you think there was a dramatic improvement in any serious symptoms including death, the difference was only 1% or less at best. We are talking one person in 100 might benefit from taking one of these expensive drugs. I'd sooner put my money on vanadium, a mineral that is an insulin mimic, Chelated Zinc, the membrane and mitochondrial repair, etc., which are absolutely crucial for healing the pancreas, plus all the other nutrients spelled out in How To Cure Diabetes (along with best brands, websites, 800 numbers, doses, references, etc.)."

Are You Familiar With Telomeres?

"Telomeres are the ends of your genes (DNA). As we age these little ends, telomeres, drop-off. The shorter they get, the shorter your lifetime is. And the reverse is true; the longer your telomeres stay on the genes, the longer is your lifespan. So, the important thing is to keep these from being eaten off by the enzymes telomerase. I showed you in previous TW how such nutrients as your Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil (in glass!) as well as the Tocotrienols are some of the nutrients that protect your telomeres. And of course, glutathione is one more regulator of telomerase activity. High enough levels of glutathione keep the enzyme telomerase from eating off the ends of your longevity genes."

A Probiotic That Boosts Detoxification

"Everybody knows when you take an antibiotic or visit a foreign country you'd better take some probiotics. Usually these include various species of Lactobacillus, Bifidus and often even Saccharomyces. And if you go to any health food store you can see a dazzling array of probiotics and prices which can be very confusing. That's why I was interested in a probiotic that does more than just five better levels of the "good bugs". It boosts your detoxification. You remember from Detoxify or Die how important daily detoxification is. And one of the most important detox compounds that God designed the human body to make is glutathione. It's made out of 3 amino acids, glycine, cystine (that's why some take the rate-limiting amino acid, NAC or N-acetylcysteine to make their own) and glutamic acid. And of course, that's why you take your Detox Cocktail every day. For our health and longevity depend heavily on how much we have glutathione in our systems at all times. For example, hundred of studies show that in every disease the levels of glutathione are low. And when researchers look at it from a different angle, they see that as folks get more diseases the glutathione levels go progressively lower. Also, as folks age their glutathione levels go down. And on the flip side, as GSH (glutathione) levels rise, so does health. Now change your focus and recall from earlier TW articles how unavoidably common GMO foods as well as even non-GMO foods like wheat can be contaminated with the weed killer Roundup."

Vitamins Are Crucial To Normalize Diabetes

Q: I have diabetes and my diet is pretty good. But my doctor says my hemoglobin A1C keeps rising, showing I do not have good control. He wants me on a medication. Where do I begin?

A: That's easy. Begin with a physician who will read How To Cure Diabetes and TW. The cause could be anything from a simple vanadium, zinc, or chromium deficiency to a multitude of other causes. For an example of a drug that can make it impossible to regulate your sugars, the statin drugs impair the ability to control diabetes markers like hemoglobin A-1C. Since statins for cholesterol guarantee Alzheimer's and other serious disease, they will go down in history as one of the worst mistakes medicine has made. On the flipside, for an example of a nutrient, vitamin D has been shown to improve pancreatic function and the gloated hemoglobin (HbA1c), as well as help repair the pancreas beta cell dysfunction, systemic inflammation, improve cardiac function, preserve your vessels and vision, and much more. And yes, and it's also needed as you say in The Cholesterol Hoax for control of Cholesterol. And recall from previous TW how the right level of vitamin D is essential in stopping cancers from metastasizing.