Dr. Sherry Rogers: Use Caution When Taking Injections

You Must Detox MRI Injections that Damage Brains

"Doctors are just beginning to understand that the injection of gadolinium into the veins to help radiologists better read an MRI scan can be more dangerous than useful. The gadolinium dye is a heavy metal that deposits in bones, joints, and even in your brain. And kidneys damaged by diabetes, heart, or other vascular diseases don't get rid of it like they should. If you must have an injection, make sure you do your Detox Cocktail right afterwards. In fact, I would bring it with you and do it every couple of hours—yes, even if it causes diarrhea. In fact, that should facilitate your detoxification and for extra added protection I would add two R-Lipoic Acid."

The Right Fatty Acids

"In some folks, the valve between the small intestine and the beginning of the large intestine (ileocecal valve) does not function properly and therefore, does not close. When this sphincter is incompetent, there is a reflux of toxic bacteria that escapes through the wall from the large intestine back into the small intestine. These pressures have been measured and the bacteria have been studied. Folks that have elevated lactulose breath tests and are not able to finish a normal sized meal, feel excessively full after meals, have loss of appetite or bloating, or vague IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.

One really simple reason for abnormal function of the ileocecal valve is the wrong fatty acids, which we commonly see on the Cardio/ION (it assays 34 fatty acids). For most folks, their intestinal cells are starving for the correct acids and choked with the wrong ones. Then, add in the overabundance of short chain fatty acids produced by the wrong bacteria and yeast and these fatty acids can literally paralyze the function of the valve. In addition, folks are often missing the anchor for the fatty acids, PC Powder, as well as the other protectorates like the eight forms of vitamin E (E Gems Elite, Gamma E Gems, Tocotrienols), etc. (detailed in 2015-18 TW).

In other cases, folks have very low secretory IgA, the main antibody in the gut to fight off bad bacteria. This means no protection against invading abnormal bugs. There are many sources for Saccharomyces boullardii (like the self-fermenting probiotic drink, Synergy Organic Kombucha, which is available in many grocery stores and pharmacies) and L-Glutamine to rev that up."

High Fructose Corn Syrup

"My journey goes back to when I was writing How to Cure Diabetes. I couldn't believe the number of articles that "proved" that a simple sugar, fructose (usually from fruit), could cause such devastating diabetes, plus insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and much more. That's when I learned researchers actually use the FDA approved food additive corn sugar to create hundreds of rats with diabetes to experiment with drugs. I knew I had to learn more about this fructose that was actually the high fructose corn sugar/syrup, which is in most processed foods. It's often just labeled corn sugar or corn syrup (or corn oil, corn flour, and corn starch).

As you learned in previous TW issues, the problem doesn't stop there because (1) most of the corn is genetically modified (GMO releases a toxin to kill insects), which creates leaky gut. This also creates new allergies that can mimic anything from a ruptured disc, arthritis, colitis, auto-immune diseases (like MY, lupus, etc.), and hypothyroidism to depression, learning disabilities, any array of mental diseases, and much more. If that were not enough, because it is genetically modified (2) GMO corn products have more residues of the Round-Up herbicide (glyphosate), which can also go onto create these and other medical problems.

But, there's a third problem with high fructose corn syrup, which goes far beyond either of these. (3) It delivers a high load of mercury; so for starters, you want to use as many modalities as possible to flush out the mercury. Fortunately, this also gets rid of many other heavy metals that we are also continually exposed to, such as cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, antimony, lead, etc. Start with (1) the far infrared sauna protocol, detox cocktail, alkaline water, and more—as described in Detoxify Or Die. Then, you want to incorporate the (2) detox enemas and more, as described in Wellness Against Odds."

Excerpts Taken from October 2016 Total Wellness:

Stop Polyps in Their Tracks

"When after your colonoscopy you are told that you have some polyps, we've evidenced in the past TW how it is unbelievable to forget to tell you about the many nutrients that can protect these "benign" polyps from becoming malignant. For example, taking high doses of folic acid, such as in Folixor sublingual 10 mg to bypass the gut and making sure your vitamin D level is between 80-100 ng/mL, which usually takes 10,000 IU vitamin D3, 5-7 days weekly. This has often stopped these polyps from becoming malignant."

The Other Purple Pills

"As you learned in the past, these proton pump inhibitors (PPI as they are called) lower magnesium, which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest— which no defibrillation or cardioversion can rescue. Also, they increase your risk of getting pneumonia by 30 percent, a major cause of hospital death and much more. And why shouldn't they? For after all, they turn off the acid secretion in your stomach so that you don't absorb the nutrients that you must have for life. Recall evidence in past TW, for example where folks dying in ICU had overwhelming infection resistant to all antibiotics. Over half of the group that was given just two cheap nutrients lived; while all the others who got no nutrients died... The "purple" I'm talking about is the purple color in God's natural foods that are called anthocyanins. For those of you who remember, the best form of glutathione (Recancostat) has anthocyanins in it, which help it be the strongest glutathione on the market since it recycles itself as well as various nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E."