Dr. Sherry Rogers: Put the Brakes on Aging

"Most folks know diabetes and, in fact, all diseases accelerate aging. And they all start with inflammation, which steals electrons. This electron loss snowballs to bring on new, seemingly unrelated diseases. Diabetics actually "fry" (glycosylate) their proteins (measured by the hemoglobin A-1C). Plus, it's an important indicator of accelerated aging in folks who don't even have diabetes. Fortunately, vitamin D can inhibit this glycosylation mechanism of accelerated aging. But, GMO foods kill vitamin D. And remember in 2017 TW you saw how in the Journal of the American Medical Association they attempted to discredit vitamin D by using inferior doses and using the wrong cut-off that is still on all lab reports, 30 ng/mL. Most folks achieve the optimal blood levels of 80-100 ng/mL by using the best quality vitamin D I can find, Vitamin D3 10,000 IU (Carlson), 5 days per week."

Nutrient Deficiencies

"Many of the pre-surgical drugs given to folks silently damage the brain or cause noticeable post-operative delirium. For example, Nexium® or Prilosec® (omeprazole) for upset stomach from all of the other drugs, cuts down the absorption of vitamin B12, magnesium, etc. These deficiencies can create any brain symptoms, including deterioration. And of course, the many antibiotics that are given cause (1) overgrowth of yeast, which among other things can not only deteriorate the thyroid and (2) create acetaldehyde that creates brain fog, but also (3) create an enzyme thiaminase that destroys vitamin B1. This can cause delirium so severe that it mimics alcoholic withdrawal (Weirnicke-Korsakoff syndrome). And it raises the lactate and pyruvate levels that cause body pain, which is a sign of rapidly progressing total body deterioration (2017 TW). See No More Heartburn and How To Cure Diabetes.

Unfortunately, when physicians are stumped they tend to prescribe more drugs. But, that's the last thing this person needs. In fact, studies show that many tranquilizer and anti-psychotic drugs make patients worse and could even make them more prone to having seizures. Make sure after surgery or accidents with drugs requiring anesthesia you at least have them do the Detox Cocktail with the addition of 2 R-Lipoic Acid, the 5 Powders (TW 2013), PC Powder, as well as 2 each of Optimized Curcumin, and Ginkgo Biloba Max. Many other brain-resurrecting nutrients are in TW (2013-2018), Detoxify Or Die, and the book on restoring brain blood vessel health, The High Blood Pressure Hoax. Clearly, restoration of the brains relies on your own knowledge."

The Least Expensive Detox Routine

"In this study they merely took people with serious heart failure out of the city for four days and put them in clean country air. They called this "forest bathing"! Remember, cardiologists' guidelines for heart failure include merely drugs and no cure, with a median survival of only 5 years. But, this cleaner air gave them enough electrons to (1) lower their blood pressure, (2) depression, (3) heart failure, and (4) reduce of lipid per oxidation (MDA) and electron loss, plus boost cancerfighting NK cells. Wow! Clearly the polluted city air was using up their detox nutrients that are so essential for heart and vessel repair. So never underestimate the home environment control basics in The E.I. Syndrome. Then, progress to Detoxify Or Die (the Mayo Clinic reversed heart failure with the far infrared sauna). Then of course, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? deals with the nutrient-based biochemical cures."

Excerpt Taken from October 2014 Total Wellness:

Natural Clot Busters

"Back to the clot buster lumbrokinase, the enzyme from the humble earthworm. It can dissolve clots (the process of fibrinolysis) and thereby get rid of hidden lifethreatening DVTs. A starting dose is two to three Boluoke between meals, two or three times a day, depending on your severity. The reason you want them between meals? You don't want them breaking down food; you want them breaking down clots. And of course, folks with diabetes, the elderly, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, or those with inactivity from arthritis are examples of folks who are at even higher risk for hidden DVTs.

….In medicine, then they are really stuck, medicine routinely steals from nature. Mushroom magic has shown us the many disease-fighting properties of various species of fungi, while many antibiotics and even B vitamins are made from bacteria. And when it comes to enzymes to dissolve clots, we have many choices provided by nature. Enzymes like Serrapeptase come from the silkworm, Nattokinase from fermented soybeans, bromelain as in Ananese from pineapples, and pancreatic enzymes plus bile are in Digestive Aid #34."