Dr. Sherry Rogers: Books for Longevity

"…The macrobiotic program introduces you to many more whole foods than you ever realized were available. If you're serious about taking responsibility for making your body healthy enough to thwart disease, start with You Are What You Ate, then progress to The Cure is in the Kitchen, and then Macro Mellow. These 3 constitute the Macro Trilogy. Then, go to Wellness Against All Odds and the last 11 years of TW. If you think it's too much to do, then you understand why so many people decide to let their diseases end their lives. But, isn't it fascinating how God has designed such magnificent molecular biochemistry into our foods that it can change genes, kill cells, and drive healing?"

Avoiding Trans Fats

"If any ingredient list says 'trans fat 0 mg' that may merely mean the portion described may legally harbor 499 mcg, according to the FDA. For other examples of lies, 'gluten-free' just means there is less than 200 ppm of gluten per puny portion—plus, it hides the mercury contamination from processing. You must be an ingredient reader and unless you know what an item is and how it is made—don't eat it. For sure, you get your share of trans fats eating out. Clearly the evidence is overwhelming from research, investigative reporters, and books galore proving the FDA secretly creates and perpetuates chronic disease (that promote drugs).

Do you need an oil change? It may take a month or more to get the damaging oils out. But, getting an oil change might be as simple as a daily teaspoon of PC Powder and a tablespoon of Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil every other day, along with a daily dose of each of the following: an E-Gems Elite, Gamma E-Gems, SupraBio Tocotrienols, and 1-2 PS 100. For this oil change affects every cell and every disease from obesity to other diseases. It affects control over your brain, your genes, and even the adult health of the unborn child (fetus). Of course, more damaged folks will require much more repair (that's why I still do pre-scheduled reader phone calls)."

Nutrients for the Brain

"Multiple books and newspaper articles document the FDA's support of food and drug manufacturers over your health; clearly no one is looking out for you (even though the FDA salary is paid by you). So for starters, you'd better make sure you incorporate as many polyphenols as possible in your diet and daily nutrient protocols to neutralize and detoxify these toxins.

Optimized Curcumin is an example of a polyphenol from a supplement that you can use to decrease the Alzheimer's inducing inflammation created by our FDA-approved environment. But, recall most other forms of curcumin are poorly absorbed by the body. In terms of protective foods, organic extra virgin olive oil (oleuropein) with sediment on salads and for low heat cooking is one of many other ways to provide the electrons from plant polyphenols needed 'in moderation' to keep the formation of Alzheimer's amyloid protein suppressed.

Check back in the last two years of TW for these and many other nutrients and foods to decrease your chance of Alzheimer's, such as Sencha Organics Green Tea, Kyolic Liquid, Ginkgo Biloba Max V, ginger tea, etc. Besides polyphenols to thwart Alzheimer's, recall you absolutely need DHA (it's in your cod liver oil and is an actual amyloid eater) and PC Powder, its anchor. You can use Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil and fish meals to put your omega-3 in the top quintile. Keep oleic acid (olive oil) and capric/ lauric (coconut) in the middle of the normal range (all are quantified on Cardio/ION). You want your ratio of omega-3/omega-6 fatty acids at 3-4:1. My goal is to: 1) give you so many options that making smart daily choices becomes a cinch; 2) to be sure that you have more to choose from than you could ever use."

More Brain Nutrients

"DHA, the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain, has been used to improve brains with Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimer's. However, no nutrient stands alone and researchers are a long way from realizing that these folks have unrepaired deficiencies, serious heavy metal and other toxicities that must be detoxed and that you need PC Powder as the anchor for DHA."