Dogs and Cats Need Quality Omega 3's Too!

Contributed by Nordic Naturals

For decades, show dogs in Norway have been given cod liver oil every day. Why? Because our Norse friends have long recognized the importance of essential fatty acids for both people and their animals! Though dog and cat requirements for EFAs are slightly different from human needs, researchers at the University of Minnesota reported more than 70 years ago that dry skin and brittle hair in young animals caused by fat-free diets could be reversed through the addition of Omega-3s in the diet.

EFA Supplementation

But that's not all! EFA supplementation supports heart health, joint mobility, eye health, weight management, brain health, enhanced immunity, and normal reproduction.

They Deserve Quality

Nordic Naturals believes our animal companions deserve the highest quality cod liver available! Their Pet Cod Liver Oil, made exclusively from Arctic cod liver, adheres to the same freshness and purity standards (European Pharmacopoeia) set for medicinal human consumption. Ultra pure—for happy, healthy pets!