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Support Your Healthy Bones and Tissue with Vitamin K

Vitamin K is typically obtained in a diet that consists of leafy green foods, or healthy bacteria can produce it in a normal gastrointestinal tract. However, as a result of dietary or internal challenges, a nutrient deficiency or imbalance can occur and interfere with the normal use and function of vitamin K.

Vitamin K is available in three forms, with each contributing to a healthy cardiovascular system, normal clotting factors, and the normal viscosities of blood that help to regulate the binding of calcium to bone and tissue. The three forms include: vitamin K1, also known as phylloquinone; vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone; and vitamin k3, also known as menaphthone or menadione.

Vitamin K Details:

  • May support clotting factors
  • May support healthy bones
  • Seeks to support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • May help maintain the normal viscosity of blood
  • May help maintain a normal skeletal system
  • May promote the normal use of calcium

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