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More About Electrolytes

When you think of electrolytes, you might think of popular sports drinks often consumed after a workout or sporting event. But what's in these drinks, and are they the best way to refuel?

Electrolytes are body fluids that carry an electric charge and include sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphorous and magnesium.

Each electrolyte plays a key role in keeping your body healthy. Electrolytes affect your body's water volume, blood pH, muscle function and other natural processes. Electrolytes are lost when you sweat and must be replaced.

Sodium is one of the most recognized electrolytes but it's important to remember that electrolytes work together to help maintain a healthy fluid balance in the body at all times. A deficiency in any electrolyte can lead to decreased performance and health risks.

For example, a sodium deficiency can result in muscle cramps and dizziness. Chloride deficiency symptoms include an irregular heartbeat while potassium deficiency symptoms can include muscle weakness and even muscle paralysis.

So how can you replace your lost electrolytes? Whether you're looking for professional grade or something to take after an occasional workout, we have the right product for you.

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