Gluten Free Coconut Oils

More About Coconut Oils

The potential health and healing benefits of coconut oil are amazing! Loaded with anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, coconut oil may protect against environmental and free radical damage, eczema, dandruff, mental fatigue, weight gain, sickness, bacterial and viral infections, althete's foot, insulin resistance, type II diabetes as well as heart attack and stroke.

The uses of coconut oil seem endless. Cook with it, lather up in it, condition your hair with it - just make sure it's extra virgin, organic, unrefined and cold-pressed. There's a difference in quality depending on where you get it. Natural Healthy Concepts offers a wide variety of quality coconut oils to choose from. Jarrow Formulas offers a neutral taste if you're not fond of the coconut flavor. And Garden of Life is a popular favorite.

Throw out your unhealthy vegetable oils today and start reaping the benefits of coconut oil!