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Avoid dry and cracked lips with our amazing selection of Lip Balms! Made with natural ingredients like beeswax, honey, and essential oils, these lip balms support soft, moisturized lips. Shop our selection or learn more. Read More >

More About Lip Balm

If you’re looking to support healthy, hydrated lips, a lip balm is an absolute must. Your lips are formed from several layers of skin that are fairly thin and transparent. They get their reddish hue from blood vessels that lie beneath the surface. Although your lips derive moisture from the air, dehydration and dry or cold weather can cause your lips to chap or crack. Additionally, factors like a lack of vitamin D, licking your lips too much, or even a poor diet can contribute to your lip’s health.

If you’re looking for lip support, a natural lip balm may be just what you need! Lip balms work to soothe the skin of your lips, and offer moisture and hydration. You can find lip balms that offer a hint of color, and other balms made with your favorite scents. Many lip balms are also made with botanical extracts that support lip health like beeswax, honey, shea butter, castor seed oil, jojoba, and more.

Potential Benefits of Lip Balm

  • Supports overall healthy looking lips
  • Promotes lip health
  • Offers moisture and hydration
  • Seeks to protect lip skin cells
  • May offer antioxidant support

Our selection of lip balms include products from brands like Naked Bee, Acure Organics, Kiss My Face, Good Earth, Hyalogic, and more. Our products contain ingredients like natural essential oils and support overall health, so you can enjoy soft, smooth lips year-round. Browse our selection today and find your favorite brand and shade today.