CandaClear Four

by Pharmax, LLC

1. Restrict dysbiosis growth utilizing delayed release allicin

Allicin is a wide-spectrum plant antimicrobial compound that has a minimal effect on the beneficial lactic acid flora of the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract.

While the medicinal properties of fresh garlic have been known for centuries, the practical problem has been the ability to capture the active but volatile component allicin, and ensuring its delivery to the entire intestinal tract.

Since allicin is formed instantaneously when crushing a garlic clove due to the interaction of an enzyme, the allicin in Candaclear Four incorporates the CYRO-dri process, freeze-drying without heat, to capture and create a concentrated version of the prime active allicin component. Secondly, by providing allicin in a delayed release format, continuous release has been demonstrated over an 18-hour period through in vitro studies. This delayed-release helps to curb overall dysbiosis growth.

2. Eliminate dysbiosis in the small intestine utilizing allicin with cinnamon

Dysbiosis generally affects both the small and large intestine, hence it is critical to ensure delivery of effective quantities of plant bioactives to both. Why cinnamon? Oil of cinnamon bark is carminative to the gastro-intestinal tract and possesses antiseptic properties.

Cinnamaldehydes (the major components of cinnamon bark oil) have the strongest antibacterial and antifungal activity of all of the common volatile oils. The pre-emulsified, freeze-dried cinnamaldehyde powder concentrate is very gut-active.

3. Eliminate dysbiosis in the large intestine utilizing allicin with caprylates

When presented as calcium and magnesium salts, caprylic acid has antibacterial properties, bypassing the small intestine and splitting into free caprylic acid and magnesium/calcium ions by the action of the microflora in the large intestine.

4. Restore intestinal mucosal with high potency probiotics and nutrients

The elimination of the dysbiosis, utilizing allicin, cinnamon, and caprylates provides immediate stimulus to the regeneration of mucosal integrity†. To augment this process, Candaclear Four contains both L-glutamine, as the preferred energy source of mucosal cells of the small intestine, and N-Acetyl Glucosamine to provide the "glue" that binds epithelial cells together and helps prevent "leakiness" through the epithelial layer.

A single serrated strip with three capsules and one tablet delivers a therapeutic daily dose, makes it easy-to-use, and improves compliance.

†This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.