Vegetarian 4000 Mg Xymogen

At the heart of Xymogen lies a dedication to health, innovation, and community. As a trailblazer in nutritional supplements, the company seamlessly integrates quality with responsibility. Read More >

About Xymogen

Xymogen epitomizes the fusion of excellence and sustainability. By meticulously sourcing top-tier ingredients from around the globe, the cutting-edge Orlando facility stands as a testament to commitment, ensuring the potency of every product. Celebrated repeatedly on Inc.’s 5000 list, the company ardently backs functional medicine, envisioning it as the cornerstone of future preventive health.

Healthcare professionals trust in Xymogen's offerings is evident, with a vast array availing themselves of the enriching training provided, enhancing their grasp on holistic health. Nestled within the LEED-certified headquarters in Orlando is a legacy of "People-First" philosophy initiated by founder Brian Blackburn.

This space, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and recreational areas, not only serves as a hub for innovation but also as a sanctuary promoting the well-being of over 150 dedicated team members. The company's unwavering commitment to its workforce is reflected in its growth and the positive impact it continues to make in the health industry.

Xymogen Highlighted Products

Discover some of Xymogen’s most sought-after products, each crafted with the brand's unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and efficacy:

Xymogen OptiMag 125:

Xymogen OptiMag 125 is a dietary supplement crafted with utmost precision. Its unique formula offers a rich source of magnesium, essential for numerous physiological processes in the body. Endorsed by practitioners and users alike, it has been lauded for promoting stability in blood sugar levels and enhancing overall well-being.

Xymogen ProbioMax Daily DF 30 Billion CFU:

Xymogen's ProbioMax Daily DF is a probiotic supplement meticulously designed for gut health. It offers a robust combination of four strains, totaling 30 billion CFU per capsule. These strains have been researched extensively for their potential health benefits, and the product's encapsulation ensures targeted release, maximizing its efficacy.

Xymogen Berberine:

Xymogen's Berberine is a botanical supplement rooted in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese practices. Recognized for its profound impact on blood glucose and lipid metabolism, Berberine also lends support to gastrointestinal and immune health. Its naturally occurring alkaloid content is testament to its authenticity and effectiveness.

Xymogen NAC:

NAC by Xymogen serves as a crucial support in the body's glutathione production. Favored by many for its ability to elevate intrinsic glutathione levels, it ensures that the body doesn't rely solely on external supplementation. Users have praised NAC for its role in antioxidative processes and overall cellular health.

History of Xymogen

Founded in 2003, Xymogen, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, quickly carved a niche for itself in the competitive world of dietary supplements. Its dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients from around the globe has set it apart. This commitment has been recognized with multiple appearances on Inc.’s 5000 list, underscoring its rapid growth and unwavering dedication to quality.

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Xymogen's journey in the health sciences sector has been notable. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries of functional medicine, introducing innovations that have become benchmarks in the industry. Strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies have propelled the company forward, keeping it at the forefront of health solutions.

At its core, Xymogen's "People-First" philosophy, a vision of founder Brian Blackburn, is more than just a mantra. It is tangibly felt in the LEED-certified Orlando headquarters, a space that not only stands as a symbol of the company's achievements but also as a testament to its deep-rooted commitment to its team, partners, and the broader health community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Xymogen?

Xymogen is an independent, family-owned company, founded and owned by Brian Blackburn. The company is known for its transparent and ethical business principles.

What makes Xymogen products different than other nutritional supplements?

Xymogen's products have been trusted by thousands of practitioners and patients for over 20 years. The company offers innovative, dynamic, and often first-to-market, patented formulas. Many of its formulations are exclusive, setting them apart in the industry.

Are Xymogen products professionally formulated?

Yes, Xymogen's formulas are professionally formulated, backed by rigorous research, development, and clinical testing, and reviewed by an esteemed medical board of advisors.

Is a prescription required for Xymogen?

No, but Xymogen's products are distributed exclusively to licensed healthcare practitioners, emphasizing the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.

Can I get a discount on Xymogen?

It's best to check with authorized distributors or the official website for any promotions or discounts.

Can I return Xymogen products at NHC?

Yes, via the NHC website, you can return unopened items within 60 days for a full refund, with some exclusions like heat-sensitive items and bulk purchases. Return shipping and handling fees might be deducted from the refund.

Are there reviews for Xymogen products?

Each individual product on the NHC website features reviews, providing insights from customers who have used Xymogen's products. This offers potential buyers a better understanding of the product's efficacy and quality.