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More About Wondercide

Let's face it - people love their pets - Stephanie Boone, the founder of Wondercide is no different.

In 2008 Stephanie found her dog, Luna, deathly ill from pesticide poison. Luna had been treated with traditional flea and tick treatments and at the age of 10 developed pesticide poisoning.

Most veterinarians Stephanie spoke with recommended that she put Luna down. Stephanie, however, refused and she began researching pesticide formulations, their impacts on animal health and human health. She was shocked by what her research uncovered and after some consideration Wondercide was born.

Wondercide is committed to community, sustainability, and natural ingredients. They believe that we should "treat nature with nature," and they offer a complete line of natural pest control and holistic care products for people and for pets. Their innovative products include natural flea and tick control, natural skin care for pets, natural pest control and natural mosquito repellents too.

Instead of turning to chemical-laden products, why not try Wondercide? You won't be sorry!