Solgar supplements embody their motto of “Live Vibrantly.” Each of their products is science-based, high quality, and designed to support total health and well-being. Their products are distributed throughout the world, in over 60 countries. From amino acids to zinc, Solgar’s supplements may make a difference to your overall health. Read More >

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From their beginnings in 1947, Solgar has diligently innovated to make natural supplements that are made with high-quality ingredients at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Leonia, New Jersey.

Since their company’s start, Solgar has created nutritional supplements with the ongoing mission of offering consumers top-quality, science-based products. They exclusively distribute their products to the natural products industry, so that knowledgeable retailers can help customers choose the best supplement to support a healthy life.

Solgar also uses its own manufacturing, laboratory, and distribution facilities, so they are able to guarantee their products from start to finish. They use their attention to detail to set, maintain, and raise a Gold Quality Standard for their supplements, education, and service. For example, Solgar distributes their products in amber glass bottles. Although these cost more to use, they are recyclable, and protect against light, heat, and moisture.

Most of Solgar’s products are gluten-free, and all are Halal and Kosher certified. In addition, they have invested over $1 million in a USP reverse osmosis water purification system, which is considered the finest type of filtration available. No matter what kind of support your need, Solgar has a high-quality option to promote your overall wellness.