Pure Solutions

More About Pure Solutions

Pure Solutions was founded in 2001 in Southern California and is the leader of velvet antler extract in the United States. Pure Solutions believes that all products are NOT created equally, and they focus on creating quality velvet antler extract.

Antler velvet is basically a growth hormone and is also referred to as IGF-1. Antler Velvet Extract is commonly used to boost strength and endurance, improve immune response and promote recovery from illness. It also may promote healing in cartilage and tendon issues especially in joints that have been subjected to repetitive trauma.

Pure Solutions uses a humane harvesting processed with a licensed veterinarian. The material that is harvested is freeze-dried and is never exposed to heat so that the growth factors remain intact and preserved. Once the extract is concentrated it is extracted again into the most potent and bio-active available product on the market!

Whether you're looking to heal from an injury or are trying to boost your endurance, you can't go wrong with any of Pure Solutions' products. Try one today!